Have you ever seen a car wear a bracelet?

Well, I have and I make them too!  I never was one to hang stuff from my rear view mirror, even when I was (much, much) younger and my friends would ever-so-proudly hang their graduation tassels from their car mirrors.  It just wasn’t my style.  I’ve seen rear view mirrors heavily laden with so much stuff swinging around, it’s a wonder the driver could see to navigate safely!  Mardi Gras beads, dog tags, feathers, dream catchers, and, of course, the multi-generational dice.  You name it, I’ve seen it.  Once in a while, I would see a simple cross, or other small object of devotion hanging from a rear view mirror and the act of someone displaying a sign of their faith touches my heart.  That’s when I got the idea to make myself a car rosary – I call them car bracelets – imagine my surprise to discover that I’m not the only one who has thought of this!  Since I began making them, I’ve begun to notice them more in cars.  It gives me comfort knowing that I take a sign of my faith with me everywhere I go.  It’s not for show, it’s not for other people to notice.  It’s for me and it reminds me that God loved me so much that he chose a sweet humble woman to be the mother of His Son.  It reminds me that she said “Yes” in faithful obediance to God.  It reminds me of the sacrifice her child willingly made to bring the human race into communion with God.  Most of all, it reminds me to pray, continuously pray.

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Beautiful chunky fresh water pearls make this a very substantial rosary.  They feel good in the hand without being too weighty.  Each pearl is different and unusual.  In fact, they are quite irregular; dare I say imperfect?  But that is the point, actually.  This rosary mirrors how each of us are within.  We have all kinds of bumps and flaws in our personality, but there is also beauty characterized by the sheen and glow of a pearl formed from nothing more than a grain of sand, layer by layer.
Hand wrapped links of gold tone 22 gauge wire are utilized for security.  The center bead is wire wrapped, as are the Pater beads.  The 1.5″ open-work crucifix is gold tone as well.  Overall length is 29″.

If you would like to see more of my work, go to www.etsy.com/shop/nanaspocket  Use the coupon code  blogfan1  at check out and you’ll ge a 15%  discount!

And don’t forget to pray for peace.


OMG, We are so thrilled at what God can and will do for us!  He provides greatly, comforts tenderly, and loves mightily!  And we – we who are so unworthy – are the recipients of all of His greatness because He chose us.  He has carved us in the palm of His hand and promises never to forget us.

How awesome is that?!

 Yesterday, after a weekend filled with concern, worry, and many, many prayers, our family was blessed with a new baby girl!  Her mama suddenly developed pre-eclampsia and when she called me Friday evening to let us know she was being admitted to the hospital, her little voice was shaking.  Thank God, she had her mom with her.  Very quickly, her family, as supportive as they all are, rallied around to love her through this uncertain time.   The daddy, my husband’s son, stuck by her side through everything – except having to sleep in a chair, lol!  He just wasn’t happy about that, but, you could say, he got over it.  Anyway, you could see how nervous he was about his baby girl and her pending pre-mature arrival.  His eyes were pools of tears and fear, concern mixed with pride, anxiety and worry for the love of his life.

By Sunday evening, the little mama was in surgery leaving a huge crowd of us at the waiting room door, our faces pressed against the glass, hope and prayers on our lips.  Within 30 minutes, a proud papa emerged from the surgery suite wearing a blue gown and walking on rubber legs as if he could barely hold himself up.  You can imagine how his face beamed!  His first words were “She’s ok!”  Then, “She looks like a real baby!”

The joy!  The celebrating!  The thanksgiving!  If love could be a color, the room was awash in it!  Praise God, today Mother and Baby are doing exceptionally well!  We believe it is a miracle.  Our little pumpkin was born six weeks early, weighing in at 2lbs 11oz and measuring 14 1/2″ long.  She has a head full of curly dark hair like her daddy and a miniature set of her mama’s feet.  Her tiny hands are a perfect replica of her Momee’s.

Simply put, she is perfect.

We adore that little family.

We give thanks to our God, the Almighty, the King of creation!



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I love facebook!  It can have quite a lot of advantages, one being the opportunity to run into old friends that have gotten lost or misplaced.  Such is the case of Adrian Bettevy.  We first met waaay back in 1980 or some time around that era.  Although I never got to know her as well as I would have liked to, there seemed to be some sort of unspoken bond between us.  You could say we go years between sightings, but there still is that draw.  Kindred spirits, we two?  I’d like to think so, although she is the sweetest kind of person I’ve always hoped I would evolve into.  That hasn’t happened yet, but I’m still working on it, lol.  We do have a lot in common.  We are both ‘creators’ – we are makers of things.  Her talent is far more complicated than mine – she can smock!!  And she studied heirloom sewing!!  It’s amazing, in my opinion.   I found out she just opened an etsy shop and I am as tickled as I can be for her!  You should go to http://www.etsy.com/shop/CelestinesPorche?ref=pr_shop_more  and give her some etsy love.  And you can slip by her facebook page – search for Celestine’s Porche and give her some fb love.  Here, let me show you come photos of what she can do:


Isn’t she somethin’?



And now for a shameless plug:

Car Rosary

I call it a Rear View Mirror Bracelet

  Deep Purple Amethyst


Exclusive New Design

If only I had a really good camera that would show you the true color of the deep purple amethyst stones!!

Deep purple amethyst 8mm beads flanked by gold plated end caps  +  10 mm Pater beads embraced by gold plated flower and ball spacers and endcaps  =   A beautiful combination for your car’s rear view mirror bracelet.  The gold tone center bead connector depicts the Virgin Mary with a halo of stars.  Gold tone crucifix is open work design and approx 1 3/4 inches long.  Over all length is 9 inches as it hangs depending on the depth of the curved wire hook.
I designed this car rosary with a 20 gauge suspension wire to hold the rosary open at all times, even when turning or stopping your car.  It won’t bunch to one side or swing precariously.  And it is SO easy to attach.

It’s for sale on etsy.  (www.etsy.com/shop/mynanaspocket)


So Cool, Man!

FINALLY, we have a little bit of cool weather, just enough to break out the warm dresses for the girls.  One of them loved it.   One of them couldn’t care less.  One of them was downright miserable.   Sheeesh, the things we do for love!

Monday, Monday

I’ve been scanning through my facebook updates and am impressed at how many people feel the need to comment about today being a Monday.  I understand that.  One person said “Good news – there’s no full moon this week.  Bad news – it’s still Monday.”  Another person cracked me up with a picture of a little dog laid out on his back and the caption reads:  “Please don’t tell me it’s Monday.  I can’t face it!”

I thank God for Mondays.  I’ll bet you never heard anyone say that before, but it’s true.  Monday used to mean “not work again!”  Now it means:  “Oh Lord, you are so good in your mercy!  Thank you for another day.”  I say that with a truly grateful heart.  There was a time when I wasn’t sure there would be one more day.  When I woke up the morning after I was a victim of an assult, and found myself still in one piece, “Thank you for one more day” was on my heart and lips without any prior contemplation.  It was an automatic thought so profound that even the bed I was lying in shook, and afterwards, my mind and heart were open to Him . . . finally.  That day was November 3, 1992.  I can’t say everything has been perfect since then; life is an uphill, then down hill ride.  What I can tell you is that unless your heart (or spirit) is broken, you won’t know what love truly is.  That’s just the way it is.  Even the Bread (Jesus) had to be broken before it could be completely given!  I had my heart broken many times before, and many times since my conversion experience.  Nevertheless, it was that one moment in time, my thank -you -for-another-day moment, that made all the difference in the world for me.  In that moment, I experienced the Father’s love.  Not just experienced it, but was open to it and received it.   And His mercy, too.  And comfort, and healing, and so much love.  I’ll never forget it.  I am still so thankful.

So, C’mon Monday!  Gimme all you’ve got!


Ok, time for a shameless plug!!

I heard of people crocheting with fine wire before and wondered how they did it.  My mother tried countless times to teach me how to crochet, but it never ‘took’.  Even after I grew up!  I tried and tried, but I could never keep the right tension, keep count of my stitches, and so forth.  Surely you know how it is, right?   I can knit.  So one day, I was fooling around with some wire and knitting needles and I started threading them with beads and semi-precious stone chips.  Wow!  I was amazed!  My experiment actually turned out to be quite pretty.  Dare I say beautiful?  I fell in love with knitting wire and experimenting with different stones, beads, crystals, charms, etc.   I’ve posted some pictures below of some braceletsw/cuffs I made with a little wire and some baubles.  If you see something you like, please go to my etsy store and look around.   www.etsy.com/shop/nanaspocket

jasper chips and beads


amethyst chips – my favorite!


bronze, gold plated, and glass pearl beads


Gorgeous sodalite, silverplated beads, and silvertone charms


Cherry quartz – yummy!



I don’t know for certain, of course, but my guess is that there are many of you who feel as helpless as I do when it comes to serving those who serve us.  I’m talking about our soldiers here, folks.  How I wish I could personally meet every one and say thank you, thank you, thank you!  Do you realize that we actually live in the most wonderful  country in the world?  Our country is only as strong as her people – and, that, we are – very, very stong.  Strong enough to give birth to a new country in a foreign land, separate from her forefathers, independent, expounding upon individual rights and freedoms – hard-won, by the way –  and aimed toward growth and prosperity.  But we are weak as well, which is, perhaps, not such a popular image.  Our weaknesses are arrogance, greed, and worst of all, we have exercised our religious rights so well that we are largely indifferent to what we relate to as being tolerant.  In way too many cases we have escorted God out of our country (read government) and replaced the concept of Him with satisfying our own desires for modern-day comforts, instant gratification, and  subscribing to what is currently socially or politically correct.

Sounds awful, doesn’t it?  Maybe it’s not that bad.  After all, there  is merit in being crowned the greatest country in the world.  Again, I refer to we the people.  These United States of America have shouldered the responsiblity of caring for the world, of righting wrongs and  injustice.  As a country, we have broad shoulders and beneath them stands a proud people of action; those men and women who have chosen to serve for more reasons than a paycheck.  They serve for the betterment of mankind.  They are the heart, if not the soul, of the United States of America.

If you love your country and wish to do something to show support for our soldiers, go to http://www.projectpackages.org/

Project Packages has opened an auction to raise money for putting together packages bringing a taste of home to our men and women overseas.  You can access this auction at this address: https://www.facebook.com/mynanaspocket#!/ProjectPackages?sk=info   The auction is open October 13 -20.  I have participated before and let me tell ya, it’s awesome.   All of the items in the auction are donated by people who care.   It is a worthy cause.  It will warm your heart.

Blessings to you.