Meet LillyPearll

Meet Beth and Kay, aka LillyPearll, which is the name of their etsy shop.  They are a couple of sisters who work together making jewelry and other fun stuff for their shop.  Check it out at  Beth said they named the shop after her cats, Lilly and Pearl.  That rang a bell with me for a funny reason: I told my first husband, who’s last name happened to be a color, that I was praying for twins and we would name one Lilly and one Pearl.  Can you guess the color?  LOL!  Thankfully, we had boys and no, we didn’t name them Lilly and Pearl.  True story.  Anyway. . .   I love the style LillyPearll exhibits!

Especially this:   ( GEAUX SAINTS!)

and this:               (Soft, feminine, cuddly, and roomy as well)

Don’t you just love it?