Yesterday I featured a shop owned and operated by two sisters.  Today, I would like you to come see the LaurelSusanStudio, owned and operated by a mother and daughter team.  That is a lovely concept, isn’t it?  (Wish I had a daughter I could do that with!  Somehow, my boys aren’t into it.  Maybe when my granddaughter gets about 18 years older!)  The studio features home decor, art, accessores, jewelry;  it’s all beautiful!  This fab team makes eco-friendly table linens, crochets the laciest lookin’ scarves, creates awesome polymer clay designs, not to mention the pillow slipcovers, baby blankets, ornaments, etc.


Heirlooms by Elisabeth

Liz, the owner of this sweet-sweet (in Louisiana, that’s one word – sweet-sweet.  It means – well, really sweet!) new shop has a gift for making itty bitty clothes for doll babies.   As I mentioned before, I was never blessed with doll baby players, so this would be a new thing for me, but when you go to her site, you will be smitten by how adorable those clothes are!  Don’t forget to check out her profile, too.  It’ll melt your heart.


Harmony Schoolhouse

Kathleen McKennon, the owner of Harmony Schoolhouse, seems to be the kind of person I would like to be.  She sounds warm, genuine, kind, and caring.  If you don’t believe me, go see for yourself at her blog:

I think she is not the kind of woman who would toot her own horn so to speak, so let me do it for her.   What she does for her friend is a perfect example of the Golden Rule:  Love one another.  Seriously, go check out her blog. Then go to her shop and buy a prayer bowl.  And a journal, a storage box, and an artist trading card, as well.


Branklets N Bling

For those of you who have never heard of a Branlket, here’s your opportunity to learn something new:  a branklet is a bracelet that can be converted to an anklet.  Or maybe it is an anklet that converts to a bracelet.  Whatever, all I know is Jennifer McKennie’s talent with beads (etc) is awesome.  Not only that, she’s the kind of daughter who gives her mom’s shop a plug on her profile!  ( )

Her mama must have raised her right!


Cajun Creation

A Cajun after my own heart!  Stop what you are doing and go immediately to this shop!  This southern native incorporates her love of all things Louisiana into her work with various types of tile and cypress wood.  Beautiful!  I just want to go to her house and smell the cypress!  Oh, wait.  I live in Louisiana too.  I can do that.  My regards to Domineaux and Panda Bear Too!


Smelly Monster

YES!  Somebody finally agrees with me about how kids stink – er- smell!  I love love love this new shop.  And I think calling it the Smelly Monster is a fantastic idea.  Kids are bound to love it!  For some reason, I think the awesome names of the products offered here would make a kid jump into the bath tub and suds it up!  I have three grandchildren who will have a blast.  Yes, I am ordering!


And now for one of my own items:

Turquoise glass lampwork beads are the 14mm Pater beads for this special rosary.  They are accented with silver plated bead caps and balls, handwrapped with non-tarnish wire.  Each of the 8mm ave beads are hand wire wrapped and are deep turquoise with an aurora boriealis finish picking up the lovely dark color deep in the Pater beads.  The center connector is a very elegant silvertone Miraculous Mary medal that pairs nicely with the silvertone crucifix.
You can find this beautiful rosary in My Nana’s Pocket!




One thought on “IMA PROMOTE ETSY!

  1. You are so sweet! What a lovely write-up! This has been such an exciting day for our shop–featured on your blog and on Etsy Stalker. Wow! I am so thankful!

    I love your idea of featuring shops. I want to do that too.

    Have a great evening 🙂

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