My Favorite New Rosaries: Vintage Look and Ho Ho Ho

This is absolutely one of a kind!  The reason I love this one is because of the beads I found to make it with.  They are a glazed ceramic that looks so much like vintage pottery.  Each one is wired up tight, and the Pater beads are wire wrapped.  Look at that gorgeous center.  It is so old looking!  I popped a little matching Miraculous Mary charm on there with it.  The hefty Trinity crucifix is approx 3 inches long.  The overall length is approx 28 inches.  It would make a fantastic gift for a man or a woman!








This festive rosary is strung on strong jeweler’s wire and features sparkly red Czech beads separated by teeny tiny green glass seed beads.  Take a close look at the shiny silver Sacred Heart center connector and bright silver plated ornate crucifix!  A charming addition to this rosary is the floating charm that says “Jesus is the Reason” on one side and “For the Season” on the other.

I put this rosary together to celebrate Advent, not to celebrate all of the materialism that goes into the Christmas season.  The prayers of the rosary are cherished and solemn and should be treated with respect.  Meditating on the rosary can be the perfect avenue to a deeper Advent experience.  Christmas blessings to you!


I have more listed at my etsy shop!


New Day = ‘New’ Mass

Today the Roman Catholic Church begins using what has commonly been referred to as the ‘new’ Mass.  In reality, there is nothing new about it.  It is the same Mass as ever – the same celebration of praise, worship, repentance and sacrifice that has been celebrated for centuries.  At the center is Jesus Christ, our Beloved.  His mighty love for mankind is what brought us, our forefathers, and will bring future generations to the Table.  He is the Bread of life, our strength, our hope.  The only change in the Mass, is the wording we will use from now on in certain responses we give.  In other words, when our priest says “peace be with you”, instead of saying “also with you”, we will respond with “and with your spirit”.  Simple.  The changes that have been made are derived from a more literal translation instead of modern day english.  Personally, I’m very happy with it.  Having to put thought into what phrase I respond with makes me feel more involved.  When someone says “Peace be with you”, I really mean “and with your spirit” when I say it.  It comes from the heart.  It makes perfect sense, really, beacause we are all merely embodied spirits anyway.  Right?  We are not our bodies.  They are our tempory bodies.  They pass away; we do not.

Peace be with you . . .



This is one of my favorite rosaries I’ve made thus far.  The goldstone beads are simply gorgeous and shine with silver flecks that look like stars.  Silver plated 8mm balls flanked by the same finish bead caps and silver balls as well as black 4mm bicone crystals, all hand wire wrapped in silver plated wire.  It is for sale: $32 + 2.51 shipping.

Soon, I will post another of my favorites: my Christmas rosary!

For The Man In Your Life

You still don’t know what to get your man for Christmas?  I might be able to help.  Is he Catholic?  I have rosaries and car rosaries that are perfect for him.  You know, some men have a devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary but would rather say their prayers using a more masculine form of rosary.  Check out what I have in stock.  I made them with lots and lots of prayers and love and I’m sure your man will feel your love when you gift him with this.  You can see more at

This rosary features a center dedicated to St. Hubert, the patron saint of hunters.

Another hunter’s rosary – this one is faux bone and features a tiny red bead signifying a drop of Jesus’ blood.

Very ornate but I’m sure he would love it!

This beautiful rosary is made with olive wood beads.

Being Thankful

Every Thanksgiving we smile and say Happy Thanksgiving to each other.  We food shop ahead of time, loading up our carts with tons of food for just one meal.  Some of us spend way more than we have to spend.   It’s unbelievable.  Dish after dish after dish is prepared.  Turkeys, hams, sweet potatoes, stuffing, dressing.  And the desserts!  It’s almost obscene.

Wait a minute!  Who let you in here, Scrooge??  Get lost!  It’s time to feast.  It’s Thanksgiving!  Don’t you know that when you are with the Lord, you feast and when you are without him, you fast?   Today we are with the Lord!

When I was a working woman, I usually worked every holiday.  No, I’m not that generous, but it was for my kids.  Being a divorced mom was difficult, to say nothing of the guilt I had over being unable to offer them family to share holidays with.  It was just me in this state, no family close by.  But their father, now he has lots of family.  Tons of family.  He was able to give them the family roots I couldn’t.  So I worked most holidays and my boys, they feasted with their dad’s family.  Sometimes I wonder if the boys ever knew why their mom worked all the time.

Did giving up my holidays with them make me sad?  Yes, usually for a couple of hours.  I tried, but I’m not a graceful martyr.  And then I had to get over it, and get over it pronto.  There was work to do, patients to see, and a staff pot luck dinner to add to.  My holidays were not boring.   Those of us who had to work made the best of it.  We couldn’t be with our families but we had plenty enough to be thankful for, that’s true.

Over the years since I stopped working at the hospital, I’ve had the opportunity to host Thanksgiving for my boys and their families.  It’s been fun, hectic, bountiful, nerve-wracking, and a dream come true.  I have loved every minute, but I still feel kind of nostalgic at times for those good ol’ days spent sharing the holidays with fellow respiratory therapists, nurses, doctors, and especially the patients stuck in the hospital instead of home with their loved ones.

This year is different.  The boys are once again with their dad’s family for this Thanksgiving day.  My step-son is with his new little family, unable to take the little baby out in public, and unable to have a ton of visitors.  My husband and I thought about going out to eat, but changed our minds when we found out that a couple we know were also sans children for the day.  So we invited Barbara and Joe for Thanksgiving dinner.  It was a great idea, as it turned out.  Frankly, I couldn’t face all the people and noise involved with eating out.  And what could be better than getting together with old friends?  As it happens, in the nearly 40 years Barbara and I have been friends this is the FIRST Thanksgiving Day we have spent together!  That’s just unbelievable.   We have shared everything a family could share together, but not Thanksgiving Day.  As our day progressed, we reminisced over many memories, some good, some sad.  We were animate; our wrinkles and gray hair disappeared as our youth re-possessed us.  And we laughed over how much alike we are getting in our ‘old’ age.  It is funny, isn’t it, that we now have to write notes to ourselves so we don’t forget something we have to do or buy at the grocery? And isn’t it embarrassing when we lose our train of thought, or can’t find that word we were just about to say?  “It’s on the tip of my tongue!”  We talked about how our hearing isn’t so good anymore, and our backs are hurt, we can’t sleep and we need a new knee.  Oh brother.  ‘Oldage’; you can have it.  I’m joking, of course, because we really aren’t old, it’s just that our children have grown up and had their own children.  That’s not old, that’s seasoned.  That’s experience.  That’s life.

You know, there should always be a time for Thanksgiving in every household, in every family, in every place of work.  The Bible says to never cease praying and giving thanks.  I’m glad we have a special day designated for that, but it is our privilege, in fact, honor, to be thankful everyday.  When you consider how blessed we are . . . how could we dare to not be thankful?!  Being thankful doesn’t have to be only at a certain place, at a certain time, in certain company.  Anytime, day or night, stop what you are doing and just be thankful.  God will rejoice.  It’s that simple.

Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.    Ephesians 5: 19-20

And to my family, whom I love with all my heart and my friends as well ~    I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayer.  Ephesians 1: 16

Bessie and Jack

Bessie and Jack  1945

Remember when Dr. Phil used to talk about the people in every person’s life who had the most influence on them?  Remember those catch phrases he used like ‘pivotal people’ and ‘defining moments’ and ‘critical choices’ ?  Yeah, I was a Dr. Phil groupie.  Back in the day, I felt it logical and necessary to keep digging in my past, present, and future in an effort to make sense of the kind of person I became.  Dr. Phil helped.  Well, at least his show did; I never met him, but you’d never know it the way I carried on.  “Dr. Phil says. . .  .”  Oh, brother, I wore that line out! To make a long story short, I uncovered more crap than I expected to find, some of which I wish I hadn’t!  But you can’t  un-ring a bell and I guess I don’t really want to.   After all, I have become what I am because of all that crap.

I have had quite the wild ride of a life, my friends.  Good and bad go hand in hand.   Ups and downs.  Devastation.  Joy.  Changes, ever so many changes.  Self discovery, growth.  And lots of help along the way.   You could say Bessie and Jack are a couple of very ‘pivotal’ people in my life.  They are my God-parents.  I was almost 18 years old when I converted to Catholicism.  At the time I didn’t really know what I was getting into, I just wanted to marry this Catholic boy but his mama wanted him to marry a Catholic.  Bessie and Jack lived a few doors down the street from me back then and since it was their daughter who introduced me to my sweetheart, I thought it practical and meaningful to ask them if they would be my God-parents.  Besides that, I didn’t know any other Catholics.  They didn’t hesitate, and I must admit, I was surprised by how seriously Bessie took her responsibilities!  You see, not too many people ever made a big deal over of me.  My own mother even when out of town the weekend I was baptized.  But Bessie and Jack, they were devout in their faith and that made a huge impression on me.  I dare say, if it weren’t for them, I would have never made the faith journey I did.  They made a big deal over me.  Unfortunately, just about all I can remember when I was received by Baptism was that I was bending over a font for the priest to pour water over my head and was worried sick because I had on a very short dress, lol!  I was so afraid Bessie would have my head for that!  She’s like that, you know – no nonsense, kind of strict, an eye for detail and almost OCD about everything having a place and everything in its place.  Oh, but she does have a great sense of humor as well.  How could she be married to Jack and not have a great sense of humor?!  Omg, that man!  I could tell you some stories that would keep you laughing for days!  I love that about him, but there is no time to retell all those stories now.

Bessie has cancer.

We lost touch for a while.  You know how it is; life moves people in different directions.  She called me last year and told me she was dying because of kidney disease.  It stunned me and it paralyzed me.  To my shame, I couldn’t face her.  She was so convincing, I was too horrified that she was dying.  Well, thank God she made it.   Then, a few weeks ago, her daughter called me and gave me the grim news:  Bessie was recently diagnosed with lung cancer, stage 4.  It can’t be treated.  It’s hard to picture her as being so ill.  She is still sharp as a tack and if it weren’t for the disease, she would still be power cleaning and carrying on.  I think that is her biggest struggle to date, the fact that she can’t just get up and go like she always has.

Anyway, I am so thankful to have Bessie and Jack in my life.  God really knew what he was doing when He put our paths to cross!  And I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to tell them how ‘pivotal’ they have been to me.  I’m afraid I came pretty close to missing that opportunity, now with Bessie having cancer and Jack not quite himself anymore.   That, and my tendency to tuck tail and run rather than face reality.  She is 84 and he is 89 years old.  They have 4 grown children and who knows how many grandchildren and great-grandchildren!  There’s a big ol’ pile of ’em!

I made her a rosary because I wanted to give her something that would bring to mind the faith we share.  It has white pearl beads, each hand wire wrapped with silver plated wire.  Coincidentally, I told my husband, Bessie gave me my first rosary.  It was white mother of pearl and I still have it 40 years later.  My husband said  “Bessie gave you your first rosary.  You may be giving her her last.”  I cried.

I live in a different town then they do, but I’ve been to see Bessie and Jack several times in the last few weeks and I will keep going to visit them until I can’t anymore.   Once in a while she calls me and I am honored.   Sometimes when I go to their house, Jack doesn’t quite know who I am when he answers the door.  But he always lets me in.  Isn’t that wonderful?

Bessie and Jack  November 2011

Bessie and me  Nov. 2011

Thank you, Dear Lord, for life, love, and second chances.  Help me to never take the people or the love You put into my life for granted.  Thank you for showing me that You do have a great plan and that it is always what is best for me.  Finally, thank you for Bessie and Jack.  I didn’t know then how much they would impact my life, but I do now.  You have my eternal gratitude. 

+ In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,  Amen.


Are you ready for Black Friday??

Ya know, you just have to respect anyone who will formulate a plan of attack, secure the necessary means (by that, I mean credit card ;-D), then get up that early to fight the masses all in the name of a good sale!  Hey, I’m down wit you on that.  But personally, I have never  ‘done’ Black Friday, Saturday, or Monday.  I just can’t do it.  Too many people.  Simple as that.  I don’t mind getting up early, certainly I’ve done that before.  I love a good sale, that is what I’m all about.  In fact, my husband says my middle name is ‘Clearence’, lol.  And I’ve been known to extol the convenience of credit cards and the wisdom of having a good attack plan.  But I just can’t hang with all those people.

So it’s a good thing I like to shop online!  Do You?  I hope so, because if you do and you like my work, go to my etsy shop and use this coupon:  BLACKFRIDAY1   for a 20% discount!   REMEMBER:  this coupon is only good for Nov. 18 – 26, 2011

Here are a few of my latest listings:

This is a little pocket rosary I put together with a new mother (or grandmother) in mind.   Some people call it a St. Theresa rosary.  Some people call it “Count your blessings” prayer beads.  It has 10 smokey glass foil beads (Ava beads) and one blue glass foil bead (Our Father).  To pray with them start at the blue bead, say your prayer and then move the bead up.  Follow with all the other beads.  The beads easily slide along the ribbon.  One end features a silver crucifix and the other end has a silvertone medal with the Sacred Heart of Jesus on one side and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel on the other, plus a guardian angel charm.  This makes a really sweet gift.  I can just picture a new mother rocking her baby boy to sleep as she prays using this sacramental.  I can make it in “It’s a Girl” pink too.   I also offer some for any other occasion as well.  For the next one, I used white ribbon with a beautiful green and pink flower lampwork bead and 10 pale glass foil beads.  It also has a silver crucifix and silver tone medal as well as a Mary charm.

I have added some new Car Bracelets, too.  You remember those, don’t you?  They hang from your rearview mirror, ie; a bracelet.  Or you can call it a Car Rosary.  That’s what it is to me.

This one is approx.  8 inches long from the clasp to end of the crucifix.  The beads are light purple with an aurora borealis finish and are capped with silver tone bead caps separated by diamond shaped metal spacers.  The Sacred Heart center and the crucifix are silver.  The sunlight will glimmer off that AB finish on these beads!

This 7 inch car rosary has a little simpler design.  It has deep blue ava beads and a silver tone St. Benedict center with a silver crucifix.  It, too, has an aurora borealis finish to the beads and each one is individually hand wrapped with silver plated wire.

OMGosh, I love love love this one!  These beads are called goldstone.  They look black but are really an incredibly dark blue.  Instead of gold flecks as the name would suggest, they sparkle with silver like star dust!  So beautiful!  It also features a Holy Communion center and is just over 7 inches long.

GOOD NEWS:  My dipperly shop is up and running again. is a new online shopping center, much like etsy.  Since it is so new, there are a lot of kinks that the administration needs to work out, but I do have high hopes that it will be succesful.  Check out my shop at

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