There’s Somethin Snazzy going on here!

Once upon a time . . .

there was a beautiful princess who had two wishes.  One was to open her own shop; not just an ordinary shop, something unique and snazzy.  The other wish was to find some way to support the arts, which she loved very much.  She waited and waited for a fairy god-mother to come along to help her, but none came.  She waited for Prince Charming to come along too.  After a fair period of time waiting, it dawned on the beautiful princess that she didn’t need fairy god-mothers.  She didn’t even need a Prince Charming!  She was tired of waiting for someone to come along and make her wishes come true, so she did something about it herself.  She gazed at herself in the mirror for a long time before she finally said “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, I’ll tell you what I think about granting my wishes.  It’s no one’s job to make them come true, nor must I get them by batting my lashes.  I’m a strong woman here, courageous and true.  I can do what I need to do.  Somethin Snazzy will be my store, and I’ll support the artists more and more!”

[In the interest of full disclosure, I did have a teacher tell me one time that I would never make it as a poet!  True story.]

Ok, so anyway, there is this really neat shop I found by way of facebook called Somethin Snazzy and I couldn’t wait to tell you all about it!  I went there the other day and it was everything and more than I expected.  So much to see and so little time!  From the front door of the shop I felt welcome to enter and browse.  Just looking from the outside, I was surprised that it is as big as it is.  And when I tell you it has some of the cutest stuff in there, you can take it to the bank that I mean it!  Oh my gosh, I felt like I was in fairytale land!  And you know what I loved the best about this sweet shop called Somethin Snazzy?  The shop owner, Lisa, pulled in hand crafted items from local artists and gave them a venue!  I don’t know if you can appreciate that, but I certainly do.

There will be an open house from 1p.m. to 6p.m. on Nov. 13th, and you can take the opportunity to learn about Snazzy Cash, and even sign up for the gift registry, which would really come in handy if you have a husband that can’t quite figure out what to get you for Christmas.  ‘Like’ Somethin Snazzy on facebook!!/pages/Somethin-Snazzy/132514950157888  or go to their website    I have posted some pictures from her shop, but please don’t think this is all of what is in that store.  Go see for yourself!  It is fantastic!


Somethin Snazzy                          4720 Jackson Street   Alexandria, La.  71301                                               318 387-0023

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