Love That Baby Girl – AND All of Our Other Baby Grands!


Isn’t she adorable?  She’s all cuddled up on my bed for a nap.  Her mom brought her to me so she could get to her class(college) and we have been having a ball.  She ate 1/2 jar of sweet potatoes and took 5 oz of a bottle.  She’s  growing up way too fast and that is saying something considering she weighed only 2lb 11oz just six months ago when she was born!  Like they say around here in Cajun Country ~  Sha little baby!

I love love love our grandchildren!

I’m pretty sure they are the reason I was born.  Raising my boys must have been the right kind of practice because I’m a really good grandmother – way better grandma than I ever was a mother!  I know a lot of people who feel the same way about themselves and their children and grandchildren.  Being a grandparent is a do-over; don’t let anybody tell you any different.  When you have grandchildren, you usually have the time and good sense to look them in the eye when they talk, to delight in teaching them the names of the flowers in the yard, as well as how to crack and break open an egg for the cake they are making.  And they – well –  they just eat it up!  There is some kind of bond between grandmas and grandchildren.  It’s special.  You love them like no other and, good heavens, they love you like you are the Queen.  Ah, bliss!  So much fun!




Well, now it’s time for a little shameless plug:


As Catholics, we have our babies baptised at an early age.  It is our way of dedicating the little soul and insuring the bond of original sin is broken.  Personally, I love the tradition and I know a lot of other religions do it too.  I’ve made some tiny rosaries for just such an occasion.  They are made stron enough to last throughout the years and I really like the idea of a bride have her baby roary woven into her bouquet.   I’m such a romantic!

You can see more baby rosaries in my etsy shop:

Ooops, she’s awake!  Check ya’ll later.

Pray for peace, ya’ll.  The whole world needs your prayers.

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