Fun Fun Exercise!!

Yesterday, my friends (Sylvia and Faye) and I went to a town fairly close to our country community with the intention of working out in the indoor pool of the local health club.  We had a blast!  I haven’t been to water aerobics for a long, long time and I could certainly feel the burn!  But we had so much fun.  I think the muscle group we worked the most was the abdominal muscle group because we did so much laughing and ‘dancing’.  Those girls are great.  I am so thankful that our Good Lord put us together.


 It seems we are on a kick to get healthier.  We are all middle aged and none too tiny anymore, not that I ever was.  After we left the pool, I told the my friends about the Leslie Sansone walking dvds and they were interested so bright and early this morning we got together and did the first workout.  One mile.  It was lots of fun but hard to coordinate our various body parts into the right rhythm and angle.  By the time it was over ( all of 20 minutes :- /  )  we each had a sweaty sheen and rubber legs.  Very glam, by the way.   And to think, I used to walk four miles in the morning BEFORE I had to report to work at 6 A.M.  Oh, those were the days, but it’s probably why my feet are bad and my knees tend to give out once in a while.  My husband said I must have worn out my joints and I agree.  It’s a good thing we live in an age where we can replace pretty much any joint with a bionic one.  I’m going to keep putting that off as long as I can.  I’ve had so many surgeries, I’m kinda scared of the waking up process now.  I hate that.  Besides, when you have FMS, recovery isn’t a walk in the park, no pun intended.

Um, sorry for the digression.  Anyway, after we walked our one mile with Leslie, we turned the WII on, courtesy of my oldest son who left it here for the baby grands to play when they visit.  Bowling!!  How much fun is that?  LOTS of fun.  And if you could see us doing a real honest-to-gosh wind up, you’d think I had a bowling alley in my living room.  Of course, that part isn’t even necessary.  All you have to do is flick the WIImote and the ball will sail down the virtual alley like you put every inch of yourself into it.  But that’s not how we play.  We are old school and we did it ‘properly’.  Yayy for us!  We got all that synovial fluid moving in our joints and lubin’ us up for the rest of the day.  I hope we can keep it going for a while.  Since the dvds and WII are at my house, I’ve got it made.  But when I’m alone I laugh like we do when we are together.  That’s the most important part.


Sylvia and Faye will be back for more exercise tonight.  We will be exercising our souls and spirits.  Our prayer meeting will be at my house this week.  I love when that happens.  I’ve got to get busy and cook because tonight I’m going to make spaghetti like my sister-in-law does.  Yum.  BTW, I’ve eaten very well this week.  Monday I made a big jug of gazpacho and have had large helpings at least twice a day.  And, I made a fruit salad (several types of fresh fruit dressed with lemon or lime yogurt – so good it’ll make you want to slap your grandma) that has been cool and refreshing.  I’ve had no bread but had complex carbs like sweet potato fries and whole grain cereal.  Hey, I can’t be perfect!  Gotta have my fries!

So, that’s my week!  This weekend is Memorial Day.  Please remember to pray for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and thank the ones who made it home.

Blessings to you!