Never Give Up

I’ve read a few very interesting blogs lately and I’d like to share a little knowledge I was able to glean, if you have a mind to listen. Of course, every blog I read is good, and I appreciate that bloggers take the time to share with us, the public. Now and then, a post will hit home in many ways. Take, for example, the guest blog by Elana Johnson ( ) on the Stina Lindenblatt blog ( ). Elana is hosting the “Never Surrender” blogfest. She speaks of a time in her life that she was encouraged NOT to reach for the stars. The remarks of a discouraging mentor ignited a fire within her that ultimately led her to achieve goals even she didn’t think possible! I love that kind of brave woman. It reminds me of a time . . .
Before I get too far, let me say that I’m not trying to toot my own horn. Like everyone else, I have a story or two, and I want to share one with you. It’s about being discouraged and believing the lie that I wouldn’t (or didn’t deserve to) amount to anything. The year was 1975. I wanted to go to nursing school. I got everything ready, took the entrance exam for LPN, got the medical exam out of the way, but on the day I was to start. . . I couldn’t go. Someone told me I would never make it. (Ok, ok, it was my first husband. He’s a nice man, but at the time was very problematic!) I believed it, for a little while anyway. Then I realized I HAD to succeed. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t ever believe in myself. Self esteem issues have always plagued me but something within gave me the fortitude to stretch, take a step, make a start. I got a job in Central Supply at the local Charity Hospital. After a couple of years, I was allowed to transfer to the newly formed Respiratory Department. I didn’t stay long. I wanted to work somewhere where I could really learn something. I moved on. I took correspondance courses to become Certified. Years later, I took more courses to become a Registered Therapist. In fact, the national exam was on my 40th birthday (in New Orleans – hoo boy!). I’m not in the medical field now due to some medical issues, but my point is this: Don’t believe that you can’t. Believe that you can. Because if you don’t, you never will.
Another blog that I love,,  was full of sage advice this morning. The subject: Great Advice We Don’t Always Follow. Pretty good, that.  I encourage you to go to that blog and read the list.  Notice #9: Never Give Up.  I love it!
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Talk about not giving up! Look what I learned how to do! It took me a while, but I did it!

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The Last Few Hours of My Birthday

And I’m going to share it with YOU!

It’s been a wonderful day!  But let’s face it, I ain’t no spring chicken anymore!  I’m FIFTY-EIGHT years old.  I don’t know how that happened.  It was so quick to get here!  Next thing you know I’ll be stepping up to sixty.  But I’m not afraid.  The only regret I have is that I didn’t catch my head sooner to enjoy true happiness.  Thank God He is merciful!  And He has blessed me far beyond what I deserve.  Oh my Eternal Father, I thank You so very much for this wonderful life I have!

So. . . I slept late this morning, waking to a cup of coffee delivered by my beloved.  I put on a new outfit and my best jewelry.  I pranced around like peacock, enjoying myself, secretely smiling on the inside.  My brother texted “Happy Birthday sweet pea” to me.   And my sister facebooked her love in my direction.  My step-son called.  My youngest son called.  I got about a hundred fb birthday greetings, which I LOVED, by the way.  And my little granddaughter came to visit.  It was fun, even if she did puke on my new shirt.


My husband treated me to a Bernice’s Po-Boy, Philly-cheese, and onion rings for lunch.  Dare I say I ate it all?  Hannah treated me to strawberry cheesecake.  Should I eat all of it??  My new diet starts tomorrow, do you think I should eat it all??

Then my husband again treated me to a meal at the Mexican Restaurant in Bunkie.  Afterwards we came home and ate another slice of cheesecake.  Bloat Bloat!  I can’t wait till my diet starts tomorrow!  I shouldn’t have eaten what was offered, although I must say, I didn’t eat much of the Mexican meal.  A little bit here, a little bit there.

I sang a lot today.  It was good.

Now I am in my PJs.  I feel pleased and happy on the inside.  I am so looking forward to the future.  The ups and the downs, they are all part of it.  I can handle it, you see, because my support comes from on High.   And my husband and children love me.  My family loves me.  I have some very special friends who epitomize the meaning of ‘friend’.  And I love them all.  Dearly.

I have learned alot this past year.  I know now that I must learn to speak more kindly, to judge less, be more patient, love more deeply;  these are special graces that require lots of fasting and prayer!  (If you know me personally, you should understand how hard this is for me!)

Oh, I am so excited for tomorrow to get here!  What shall I do?  Take voice lessons?  Learn to play the piano?  Find some way to be Jesus to someone who needs to know Him?  Yes.