Never Give Up

I’ve read a few very interesting blogs lately and I’d like to share a little knowledge I was able to glean, if you have a mind to listen. Of course, every blog I read is good, and I appreciate that bloggers take the time to share with us, the public. Now and then, a post will hit home in many ways. Take, for example, the guest blog by Elana Johnson ( ) on the Stina Lindenblatt blog ( ). Elana is hosting the “Never Surrender” blogfest. She speaks of a time in her life that she was encouraged NOT to reach for the stars. The remarks of a discouraging mentor ignited a fire within her that ultimately led her to achieve goals even she didn’t think possible! I love that kind of brave woman. It reminds me of a time . . .
Before I get too far, let me say that I’m not trying to toot my own horn. Like everyone else, I have a story or two, and I want to share one with you. It’s about being discouraged and believing the lie that I wouldn’t (or didn’t deserve to) amount to anything. The year was 1975. I wanted to go to nursing school. I got everything ready, took the entrance exam for LPN, got the medical exam out of the way, but on the day I was to start. . . I couldn’t go. Someone told me I would never make it. (Ok, ok, it was my first husband. He’s a nice man, but at the time was very problematic!) I believed it, for a little while anyway. Then I realized I HAD to succeed. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t ever believe in myself. Self esteem issues have always plagued me but something within gave me the fortitude to stretch, take a step, make a start. I got a job in Central Supply at the local Charity Hospital. After a couple of years, I was allowed to transfer to the newly formed Respiratory Department. I didn’t stay long. I wanted to work somewhere where I could really learn something. I moved on. I took correspondance courses to become Certified. Years later, I took more courses to become a Registered Therapist. In fact, the national exam was on my 40th birthday (in New Orleans – hoo boy!). I’m not in the medical field now due to some medical issues, but my point is this: Don’t believe that you can’t. Believe that you can. Because if you don’t, you never will.
Another blog that I love,,  was full of sage advice this morning. The subject: Great Advice We Don’t Always Follow. Pretty good, that.  I encourage you to go to that blog and read the list.  Notice #9: Never Give Up.  I love it!
Time for a shameless plug —
Talk about not giving up! Look what I learned how to do! It took me a while, but I did it!

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