It’s Time!

The days are going by way too fast!

When I was young(er) you couldn’t have said a thing to make me believe that time passes quickly.  As with most kids, I thought I would never get to the place I thought I should be in time.  For example: ‘when I’m a teenager’, ‘when I turn 16′, when I turn 18′, when I graduate’, when I marry’, etc., etc., etc.

Whoo-boy, was I way off!

In the years since my rush to age-evolve-grow, I have discovered that time is irrelevant.  What?  Really?  Pretty much.  I think we humans are the only species to mark the passage of time.  I’m not talking about due season.  I’m talking about hours, minutes seconds.  Years.  I’ve never seen another animal, other than a human, worry about the years under their -shall we say- belt.  In fact, animals don’t seem to care one way or another.  Their life span is laid out before them with little to no effort on their part.  They just do what they’re supposed to;  secure nourishment and shelter, and reproduce.  (Hmmm…Weren’t we humans supposed to do that too?) 

Oh, but then, some brainiac invented time.  Now we are slaves to it. 

Lucky for us, our God doesn’t concern Himself with what time it is.  His time is not the same as our time.  He basically has no time.  In other words, time is immaterial for Him.  He doesn’t wear a watch and I’m relatively certain there are no Big Bens in heaven.  I’m sure He has an agenda concerning time, but in His mercy and kindness, He has given us the gift of time on this earth.  Hours, minutes, seconds.  Years.  What a blessing!  Man, I love that Guy!

Do the best you can with the time He has given you.  You can’t push the rewind button, and you certainly can’t take it with you!

Speaking of time, here’s a shameless plug:  Watches!   


This sweet little watch is made using the technique of bead weaving.  Don’t you think it is perfect for a little girl?  I used beads with an aurora borealis finish to give it a lot of sparkle (which doesn’t show up very well on camera – trust me- it really sparkles!) and pink flower beads with a bit larger bead centered inside of it.  I added a silver dove charm for a little more bling.  I has a lobster clasp and is 7 inches long.


This is one of my favorites.  I’m kind of a romantic at heart, pun intended. 


I’ve already featured this watch, but I love it so much I want to show it again.  I used the same bead weaving technique and love the red dyed coral and black glass beads together.  It’s a great reminder to count your blessings!


Here is one of my ‘big girl’ watches.  It’s elegant, fashionable, and versatile.  Really.  I wouldn’t put you on about one of my favorite stones – amethyst.  That, and the fact that it is actually hand knit wire AND has some swarovski crystals mixed in as well.

Come on to my jewelry etsy shop:  and use this coupon code for a great discount:  BLOGFAN1

Or if you are looking for a rosary, go to my other etsy shop:   The coupon is good their too!

Blessings to you all!



2 thoughts on “It’s Time!

  1. Love the watches…..Unique!!!! I fell in love with the amethyst and went to your shop and ordered the bracelet. Cannot wait to get it… Favorite color and I think it will be perfect for my trip to Hawaii in December….I’ll be wearing a lot of my favorite color there!!!! Great post!!!!

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