That’s what Pete says about our newest granddaughter –  Don’t mess wit’ da Kylie!  She sure is something special.  No doubt she is well loved!  With all of our other grandchildren, who knew there could be that much love in the world??  All you grandparents out there, you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout.  We had 2 of our grands over the weekend.  It was super-energy all the way.  The oldest wasn’t here but I hope to spend time with this week before school starts.


So last night was the first time baby Kylie spent the night with us.  It was more than fun.  Her new name is ‘cuddlebug’ because she loves to cuddle.  One can learn a lot from a baby.  Showing her love is the first lesson.  The second: just don’t listen when someone thinks you can’t do something – keep trying.  Kylie is quite good at the yoga pose ‘downward dog’ – that’s the one that looks ridiculously funny – both hands and feet flat on the floor, butt in the air.  We didn’t think she could get around with that little half-crawl she has.  But she can use the ‘downward dog’ to get where she wants to go!  She keeps trying.  She’ll get there.


The third lesson: make pretty eyes and your grandparents will do anything for you. True dat. Fourth and perhaps her grandfather’s favorite:  Strange noises coming from your diaper will make anyone laugh.  Needs no further explaination…..


And that’s what she thinks about that!

Ok, so my hobbies are kind of getting out of hand.  If anybody doesn’t think so, take a look at my work space:


Gotta have bling and that’s the way I roll.  It’s organized chaos.  I wish I could say I knew where every little thing is, but sadly I don’t.  I do, however, love to explore if you know what I mean.  Want to see what I’ve been working on?


Amethyst, Peridot, and Citrine Bangle BraceletImage

What every girl hunter needs – accessories!  Camo bracelet


sweet delicate pearl finish bracelet – looks like a bride


Amethyst St. Michael St. Benedict Car Rosary


Turquoise/gold crackle  Car Rosary

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Blessings to you!

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