REMAKE ~ Sometimes you just gotta do it!

Take for example my friend Lisa Holt who owns a shop in Alexandria called Somethin’ Snazzy.  She loves to revive old furniture; tired old tables and chairs that cry out for new life.  They come to her when the time is right.  They come with high hopes of finding themselves renewed and ready for a new home.

Yeah, right.  “Miss Nancy, please tell me you don’t believe that!”  I hate to disillusion anybody, but yes I do.  Not that I think inanimate objects can be  . . . well . . .  animated.  But I do happen to belive that our things, those we surround ourselves with, are touched by the essence of our spirits, or perhaps others.  Think about it.  If our very personalities, loves, likes, and dislikes can influence other people, what impact can they have on inanimate objects?  Or does our essence just fall off of them and dissipate?

C’mon, I’m pulling your leg.

Anyway, back to REMAKE.

Check out these photos of some of Lisa’s work.  Then go to her fb page,!/pages/Somethin-Snazzy/132514950157888?fref=ts.  Or better yet, stop by her shop on Jackson Street Extension in Alexandria Louisiana.  It’s cool.

cabinet beforecabinet after










end table beforeend table after

Awesome, huh?

Now take a peek at a little remaking I had the opportunity to do:

silver rosary 005

This rosary came from a woman in Michigan.  She bought it off of ebay and, at the time, it had some sort of seed for the Ave beads.  They were black and old and crumbling and, dare I say, not very attractive, although I am sure they were holy because without a doubt many prayers were pled using this sacramental piece.  (Yet another example of our essence rubbing off.)  The rest of the components were solid sterling silver.

I remade this rosary using gray freshwater pearls for the Ave beads, and mosaic mother-of-pearl capped with silver bead caps for the Pater beads.  I wire-wrapped each piece by hand and added a tiny crystal tear drop bead to symbolize a ‘drop of His blood’.

I am very pleased with the way it turned out and I hope the owner will be as well.  It shipped out today.  Honestly, it was an honor and a privilege to remake this rosary.

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