IT’S ALMOST EASTER! I love this time of the year. For many, it is the season of new beginnings and a very special time to fully explore, acknowledge, and embrace the very core of our soul. Personally, it is a time for a close examination of conscience and repentance. It’s kind of hard to get through, not because I see myself as a monumental sinner, but because I might possibly take advantage of the fact that my God will forgive me if I ask Him to. When I ask, is it basically just lip service? “Therein lies the rub.” Our Father is kind. He is loving. His mercy is so awesome that He worked up a solution to keep His children from ever having to live without Him. He offers total forgiveness from those wrongs with which we have hurt ourselves and others. Imagine that. Don’t you think He made it a little too easy for us? Jesus would disagree. He, after all, is the sacrificial lamb, the new covenant, the One who made it right for us. That kinda makes a person delve more deeply into the season of Lent, uncover the meaning and purpose, and then decide what to do about it. And that, in itself, opens something like a zip file full of insight into what Lent means and why we should use this season to examine our conscience with open eyes and a truthful, tender heart.
Speaking of hearts, this is also the time of year that young, fertile hearts are cultivated and encouraged in the faith. Typically, converts, first time communicants, and those requesting confirmation are welcomed into the Catholic faith at or around this time of year. It’s a beautiful thing. My prayer is for all of us who profess faith that we not take this opportunity lightly, that we honor God by seeking Him with open hearts, that we celebrate Him with all that we are. No lip service allowed, people.

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Please don’t forget to pray for peace.

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Dreams really do come true! (call me Cinderella)


I never had mean ugly step-sisters and I already have my prince so what is it that could get me so excited?  MY BOOK IS PUBLISHED!  Yay me!

So this is my very own dream come true, the very first listing on my Bucket List, something I have always wanted to do.  All of that.  I am very happy about it.  It’s not about money (not at all because royalties are NOT what you would think!) and it’s not about dreaming of the best seller’s lists.  It’s about finally having the confidence to allow myself to have a dream and strive to bring it to fruition.  I am almost 59 years old and for about 55 of those years I have wanted to be a writer.  Oh, I have writen but only to myself.  I was too shy (believe it or not) to share that part of me with anyone else.  THE OLD LADIES’ CLUB isn’t actually my first book but, honestly, it’s the only one that I liked enough to pursue publishing, unless of course you count the one I really loved that I lost somewhere into cyber-space.  Not tech-savvy, not confident, I gave up on that one.  But I do hope to ressurect it one day.  Maybe.

The next one I wrote – whoooo boy – I must have been in a really bad place mentally because it was horrible!  Glad I didn’t share that with anyone.  It was full of blood, murder, suspense and mystery.  I’m leaving that one in the manuscript graveyard.  ewwww.  Trust me, you wouldn’t want to read it.

The next one I wrote was another mystery but not nearly as ugly.  I kind of enjoyed that but because I needed to concentrate on the old ladies in my head, I had to set it aside.  I’ll go back to it one day.

The one I want to write now feels like it’s going to be a good one.  It, too, is a mystery and a throw-back to my days in the medical field.  Based on an actual conversation I had with a patient, I will elaborate, exaggerate, and infer poetic license to flesh out the story.  I can’t wait!

So back to THE OLD LADIES’ CLUB…..   It was very difficult, at first, to keep all of the characters of the story in their place.  They are a rowdy bunch and usually do what they want to.  The story is about five best friends who live in a retirement community built by two of their sons specifically for them.  At this late date, their lives are turned upside down and around and around when a new resident moves in and decades old secrets are spilled.  My old ladies are funny, charming, adventurous, and feel like they have never aged.  They like traveling, helping others, romance and each other.  They don’t like people who lie, sneak around, or try to use them.



I hope you read my book and enjoy it as much as I did writing it – that is, except for the editing part – I may never get over that!  If you’re interested, it can be purchased from  or

Of course it wouldn’t hurt to ask your local book store or library to order it from Iuniverse.  It comes in hard-cover, paperback, and ebook!