How I Really Feel

Folks, can I tell you how much fun publishing a book can be??  It’s a lot of fun, but it is kind of nerve wracking as well.  Not kind of.  It is nerve wracking.  There is so much to think about, to plan, to consider.  Decisions have to be made regarding various things like book signings, how many books to have on hand, etc.  And angst over whether anybody is going to like my story (which I happen to love).  That’s a big one right there, and it can be a monster if I let it.  Thankfully, I have had only good reviews so far but then, I do have a huge extended family if you know what I mean, wink*wink.  I’m not sure if anyone I don’t know has read the book. 

When you look at the big picture, it doesn’t matter who likes it and who doesn’t.  Really.  At least that’s what I think.  Ok, now insert a picture of a famous star at the Oscars…”Just being nominated is an honor!”  Of course it is!  As per my book, just being read is an honor whether said reader likes it or not. Some will like it, some will not. Keep in mind this is how I really feel.

There is nothing like a little perspective to bring a person out of the clouds and down to earth.  Fame and fortune?   They don’t matter.  Name recognition?  New York Times Best Selling List?  Nope.  Okay, Okay, a little dishonesty there.  That might matter a little bit.  North Korea firing a nuclear bomb?  That Matters.  Loss of a loved one?  It Matters.  An autistic child or a healthy newborn baby?  Yes, they matter.  Being content, happy, joyful over what- the ordinary?  Matters big time.  How we treat the earth is mega-important.  How we are poisoning our minds and bodies with technology. Well, how important is that?  The way we treat each other, ie; friends, loved ones, enemies, aquaintences, strangers, people with different religions, skin color, sexual orientation – Do we love or do we condemn? 

Yes, it’s fun to be a published author, even if the kudos are home-grown (actually, they are the best!) and even if I get no recognition at all.  The first couple of weeks were pretty heady, I must say.  But there’s nothing like getting jerked back into reality by what is on TV or in the newspaper, and there is nothing like getting slammed in the gut by bad news to bring a person back into reality.  Reality is not about accomplishments or fame and fortune.

My spiritual journey is never ending and my God makes it a point to drive that fact home every so often.  Such is the case with all of this book publishing stuff.  In His gentle way, He has reminded me that my purpose on this earth is not solely to accomplish ticking off the items on my bucket list (writing a book was #1).  I may never know the purpose for which He created me, but I do know that if I surrender to His will for my life, I will have accomplished something more important than just publishing an ol’ book.  I am reminded of a song from a cd by John Michael Talbot.  “Christ has no body here but yours.  No hands, no feet on earth but yours.”  It is in doing His will that we are doing something important.  Helping the poor, righting the wrongs, world peace, loving one another despite our differences.  Is it possible?  Comparing those attributes with – oh, I don’t know – publishing a book for example, which is more important?

Disclaimer:  I am not saying that I can’t or shouldn’t enjoy the process of writing and publishing.  Au Contrere!  I’m having a blast and I hope to write many more books!  I do have personal goals that I want to accomplish.  But I have to put things into perspective.  I am saying that I haven’t forgotten that there are a few more important things that really matter, things I have to do while I am here on this earth.  Nothing grandiose, just stuff like keeping my head out of the clouds and my feet on the ground.  That’s how I really feel.

If you are so inclined, please pray with me.

Most Holy and Blessed Trinity,

Thank you for giving us this day and for the blessings you have sent, especially those we aren’t yet aware of.  We need you Lord God.  And we need to thank and praise you for you are a merciful God and you have a plan for each of us.  There is so much wrong with the world today.  We are a lost people with no perspective of what the really important things are.  Help us to overcome, Lord.  You have put us here to be your hands and feet.  Help us to serve You and mankind for Your greater glory.  We need your strength and your mercy.  We need instructions on being kind to each other and to the earth.  Come, Holy Spirit, come. We want to work for world peace and an end to suffering and fear.   Show us how we must decrease so that You will increase and that by doing so, we fulfill the plan You have set before us.  

Thank you for the examples of piety You have sent – Your holy Blessed Mother Mary, all the saints, blessed Mother Theresa and more.  Quicken our minds that we remember them and all they believed in.   Teach us to be humble and to put others before us.

Lord, we ask a lot but we know that You are a mighty God and You love us with an enduring love that never fails.  Thank You.  Thank You.

In the name of Your beautiful Son Jesus,



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