It’s Sunday!

How I love Sunday!  It’s highly unusual that I would sit around in my bathrobe/lounging pjs, but guess what?  Today is the day.  To be honest, yesterday was, too.  It made me feel guilty at first, but my husband said not to worry about it.  And if he, the stickler for getting up before dawn, says it’s ok, then I’m ok with that.  It’s just that my mom used to sit around in her gown all the time.  I hated that.  She even did it when she came to visit me when I was single.  Didn’t matter if company dropped in, nope.  I hated telling her to go get dressed or stay in the bedroom but what’s an embarrassed daughter to do? 

Yesterday my sister posted on fb how much she wishes she could spend one more day with our mom and how much she missed her.  I commented that I was ok before she posted that but now I’m a mess.  It’s true.  Just one more day, one more visit, one more hug.  I so miss my mom.  We all had drama with each other, but the last few years she was alive were the absolute best as far as I am concerned.  She lived in another state but we were on the phone with each other nearly every day.  I told her “I love you with all my heart”.  And after she died, I was more than happy that I did.  She knew that was a fact when she suddenly passed away at the young age of 67.  Poor mama.  She never got to see her first great grandchild.  Obviously, sitting around in my bathrobe reminds me of my mom.  If any of you have ever had a complicated relationship with your mother you should know how totally ironic this feels. So today, on the Lord’s day, I’m going to dedicate my being lazy to the sweet memories of my mom.  Here’s to you, Mom!  I salute your bathrobe and full days on the sofa!

So, back to Sunday.  Tonight, my husband and I will be attending Mass at Our Lady of Prompt Succor in Alexandria, La.  Awesome.  Even though it is a 45 minute ride away, we are going because we know our souls will be fed.  Of course, I don’t mean to say that we can’t consume the Word anywhere else.  But there is something special about Mass at OLPS.  The place fairly vibrates with the Holy Spirit.  You don’t just attend Mass there, you participate in the Mass there.  You don’t just walk through the doors, you are drawn in, pulled in.  You don’t just sing hymns, you praise God wtih your voice, hands, body.  You don’t just hear the readings, you soak up the readings.  The priest doesn’t just give a homily, he teaches the Way.  It’s not just a church, it’s a Church and Christ is fully present. 

The question is: why isn’t it like that everywhere?  The Spirit is the same.  The readings are the same.  The whole Mass is the same all over the world.  What is the difference? 

I think the answer lies with the congregation.  My belief is that where a group of people gathers with OPEN hearts and like minds, their enthuasism is contageous.  I picture people with their chest cavity open and their hearts full to over-flowing, enlarged and pumping, engorged with the Breath of Life.  The traditional becomes un-traditional.  Rote prayers are renewed and prayed with fervor.  Contageous enthuasism.  Tangible devotion.  I want to physically hold it to myself.  But, I don’t think that is what He wants.  He wants me to take it with me and share His love with that same devotion wherever I go. 

But, Jesus, it’s hard!  I can’t do it with out You!  

True, that.  Wait.  Do you hear the same message I do?  Can you hear Him saying to take heartfelt devotion even (read especially) to those places where your inspiration is lacking?  Good and sweet Jesus, show me how to do that.  Show me how to become totally immersed in You when I’m at Mass and I can’t sense your enthusiastic Spirit, when the congregation won’t even open their mouths to praise you in song, when the priest delivers the Word dryly – WHEN THE EYES OF MY SOUL ARE CLOSED. 

Because that’s it, isn’t it? 

I’m going to get off my lazy butt, take a shower, get ready for church, and fill up.  I’ll take my full fill and bring it with me wherever I go.  I’m pretty sure I can do it with His help.  All I have to do is get out of His way and open the eyes of my soul.


Open the eyes of my heart, Lord. Open the eyes of my heart.
I want to see You. I want to see You,
to see You high and lifted up,
shining in the light of Your glory!
Pour out Your power and love as we sing
Holy Holy Holy!

One thought on “It’s Sunday!

  1. So very inspirational! I am sorry to hear about your mom. Death is difficult, but it sounds like you are finding support through your relationship with Christ. I will keep you in my prayers as well. Coming to your from blogging buddies.

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