Chickens + Everything I Know, I Learned From Grooming Dogs

It is a glorious day here in the country of central Louisiana! It started off a bit unseasonably cool, but warmed up and turned into a pretty awesome day. Plus, it’s Saturday! I love it~
My grandson is visiting today and that is icing on the cake. He is a very handsome young fella. I’ve loved him his whole life, lol!
I had a good chuckle this morning over a blog that I follow. The writer of that blog does something I’ve never been able to do – run. Oh I envy her. I’ve never been able to run. I used to walk. And walk and walk. When I was a working woman, I used to walk 3.5 – 4 miles nearly every morning before going to work. I had to be at work for 5:45 a.m. Isn’t that something? I had a dog named Ricky and he went with me every step of the way. What a great dog he was.
So anyway, back to the blogger. She has been jogging in a gym and now faces running outside in plain sight of anyone. I gathered she feels very self-conscious about it. I can understand that. She referred to herself as a chicken. She quoted herself “bwuk bwuk bwuk”. It was cute the way she did that. But then I remembered something a dear friend of mine told me. She said after chickens lay eggs, they want to announce it to everyone by clucking “look look what I-I-I-I did!” I wish you could have heard my friend cluck like that! It really cracked me up. So, my point is if you’re going to cluck like a chicken, don’t make it “bwuk bwuk bwuk” like you’re giving up. Tell the world “look look what I-I-I-I did!” It’s a lesson I’m working on, myself.


NOW….On to (almost) Everything I Know I Learned From Grooming Dogs.
Ya’ll know I love schnauzers. They are a beautiful breed and I chose to raise mine for several reasons, mainly because they are handsome little dickens and they are considered ‘hypo-allergenic’, meaning they don’t shed like others do. My husband has a cat, and the dang thing sheds all over the place so I sure don’t want to add more to that mess. The only problem is, schnauzers are high maintenence dogs, no doubt about it. They have to be groomed. Boy, do they have to be groomed. If you want a dog with a good schnauzer cut, you have to take your time. Size 10 clipper blade down the back. Leave long skirt and legs. Shape the head and beard. Pluck the hair out of the ears. Clean the feet up and clip the nails. Brush the teeth. There is more but we don’t want to go there, do we? You can learn a lot from grooming a dog, and those lessons can be taken in context for nearly every aspect of your life. For example:
1. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.
2. If it is scared, it will bite you.
3. A good massage does a lot to induce relaxation.
4. A side-effect of relaxation is trust.
5. Trust must be earned.
6. Always offer a treat.
7. Kindness will never be forgotten.
8. Tenderness is appreciated.
9. Real love is unconditional.
10. Be very careful, especially when working around a$$hole$.


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