Lord have mercy, it’s Monday again. It’s going to be a very busy week for me and mine. I started my day off bright and early with 3 schnauzers who needed grooming. Dang it, they were some real stinkers, too! I can see a Calgon moment in the very near future ~ And a pedicure to go with those incredible new sandals I got last week. I am gearing up for my very first book signing in Alexandria TOMORROW! My friend, Lisa Holt, is hosting it at her shop, Somethin’ Snazzy. She moved to a new location and is coinciding the event with her grand re-opening, tile painting, and painting class later in the day. I’m so excited! I just talked to Lisa on the phone and she told me “I’ve got this”. Great! Stress-free for me! What a great person she is, to say nothing of what a terrific shop she has! The woman supports the arts, do you hear me? Her shop has so many beautiful things in it, and you know what else? She has made her venue available to area artists. That’s a big deal. Trust me, the artists of Cenla appreciate her very much! Please consider her shop when you’re out and about shopping for a gift for the special moms in your life. You won’t be sorry. She knows just what to show you, and serves it up with a smile and a sparkling personality. Did I mention she can sing? Oh yeah. She can sing!

check it out:!/events/152434248262809/?fref=ts

I have been visualizing the characters of my new novel and their reaction to the upcoming book signings. You know, it’s true that when a person writes a book, the characters come alive. Either that, or I am more off my rocker than I suspected in the first place. Anyway – Donna, Regina, Cicely, Bethany, and especially Stella, would have a blast being the center of attention. Can you imagine that? They would definately be the life of the party. Regina and Donna would be smiling and greeting everyone as if they were their new best friends. Cicely would probably be rearranging the shop. Bethany would be bending the ears of everyone who would listen to her tales of times past. And Stella, that girl would probably have a crowd of men gathered around to hear her slightly off-color jokes. Yep. I’d like to see that, wouldn’t you?!

book cover

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