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Big thanks to Lisa Holt at Somethin’ Snazzy! http://www.somethin’snazzy.com

Call it a humbling experience, if you will.

First of all, I spent the whole day like a driven mad woman ping-ponging from pillar to post. I had imagined terrors haunting me; terrors that the only people who would come to my book signing would be the ones who didn’t like it, terrors that I would try to speak only to tangle my tongue in a knot, terrors that I would forget to put my pants on before leaving the house. Yeah, I had real concerns!

But, none of that happened! It was amazing. It was magical. It was a surprise.

And I loved it!

“First I want to thank the academy. Just to be nominated is such an honor….” LOL!

Seriously, I was a nervous wreck until I saw some wonderful people coming through the door. Friends! Which is really awesome when you consider that Secrets of the Old Ladies’ Club is all about friends. I consider myself an authority on the subject and what it takes to be one. I’ve had a lot of experience, you see, over the years. I’ve been both a good and a bad friend. And I have been the recipient of good and bad friends. I’ve learned that it takes a lot of patience and an incredible amount of love to cultivate a sustaining friendship and I believe the most important fact about true friendship happens to be that when you have one, you have everything. In fact, God says the same. Remember the Golden Rule? Love One Another. Real friends have a connection to each other that is kind of like an umbilical cord. It’s a soft, pliable, cord that stretches from the absolute core of one being to another. It can be pulled, pushed, kinked, twisted and torn. It is filled with a remarkable substance that I refer to as self-mending love. If you have such a connection with someone, chances are that, even if you don’t see each other for ten years, the memory of your friendship survives and is resurrected each and every time you meet. If, during the lifetime of a friendship, the cord is ever torn, it can more likely than not, be resuscitated by the very means of which it is made; the substance within.

I have been blessed. You could say I’ve got friends in high places. These last few years I have managed to grow in ways I never thought possible and do something I have only dreamed I could do. It reminds me of a time when I heard a woman tell her mom that it is a wonderful thing when you can make your own dreams come true. (I thank God – she’s my bff) Now I know what she means. I doubt I could have done it without the support and love I have received from my friends. I hope and pray that they know how much I love them and that they mean the world to me.

Got another book signing taking place Friday, May 10th at 6p.m. at another awesome place:

levillage book signing<

My book can be ordered from

and many other online booksellers around the world.


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