It’s not what you think


This picture reminds me of what my friend told me she over heard when she was at physical therapy the other day. All the women in the group were talking about how cumbersome having big boobs was. It seems the therapist had an old (I’m talkin’ 80’s, folks) lady on their table. She was struggling to turn over and said loud enough for every one in the room to hear
“Yeah, I used to ask for a size 40 D bra, now I have to ask for a 40 long!”

My friend Sylvia woke me up this morning at 7:30. I didn’t answer the phone, but listened to the message she left on the answering machine. She said she was trying to be faithful to her commitment to go to water aerobics on Wednesdays and wanted to know if I was going. At one time Sylvia and I said water aerobics was something we were going to do together. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long. One week I had to miss, one week she had to miss, etc. Once, I did go by myself but it wasn’t as much fun without Sylvia. I am, believe it or not, shy. Add that to a slightly different culture of people at the Wellness Center in that town (When you live waaay in the country, you really have to travel to go anywhere). I was downright uncomfortable.
Back to the phone call…I laid in bed for a minute trying to think of a way to let her know I didn’t want to go but then her words began to resonate in my heart. “Trying to be faithful to her commitment.” Good grief. After I thought about it, I HAD to go. You know, it’s not easy getting into an exercise routine. I’ve tried all kinds of different programs from tapes to gyms. I have quite a collection of tapes and dvds – Richard Simmons (all those wonderful old songs!), Leslie Sansone (who knew I had so many miles I could walk in my little bitty house?), belly dancing… *screech*…. Belly dancing? Yes, I did belly dancing for a while. Me, over weight, late 50’s, yes, I belly danced. I didn’t say it was pretty. There was a lot I couldn’t do because of certain disabilities I have but I did enjoy it. I’d still be doing it if it wasn’t 40 miles away and 40 dollars a month. I’m on a fixed income. Need I say more?
Back to water aerobics…I called my friend back and said I would meet her in an hour. I’m glad I did except for the fact that now I feel like a limp dish rag but that’s ok. It’s all good. The class was milder than some I have attended before which suited me just fine. You know how sometimes every bone in your body hurts and that’s before you get out of bed? That’s how I felt this morning, so movement in and out of the water was hard. Once I got going, it wasn’t too bad. But I digress. Again, the class was good and I’m glad I went with Sylvia. I don’t know, maybe I have a weird sense of humor or something but when I looked out at all the women exercising in the water, I had to fight off an attack of the giggles. Some ladies were big, some little, some gray, some not – all, myself included, had big boobs bobbing in the water like twin floaties. I hate to think what would have happened to me if I would have shared that observation!

On to another topic, semi-related:

The other day I happened to see Mika Brezenzinski on the NBC Today Show. The woman has an amazing career in journalism and tv. Wow, what a beautiful person! I imagine I was just as stunned as anyone else to hear that she has eating disorders. She’s gorgeous. And she looks like the picture of health. Who knew that she struggled so much with food? She and her best friend, who was fat, wrote a book about their journey fighting to overcome what held them down the most. I ordered the book (—Own/dp/1602861765/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1369255570&sr=8-1&keywords=obsessed+mika+brzezinski) right away and am about half-way through it. It really hits home and I highly recommend it for anyone who struggles with weighty issues. You read that right, weighty issues. Our problems with food aren’t the result of too many pounds. Our problems with food develop from other issues. You knew that, didn’t you? I did, but do you think I ever took the time to dissect what manifested my personal addiction to certain foods? Homework alert. Hard homework, the kind that makes your brain hurt. If you want to do this, you’d better be ready to open yourself up to some truths that might startle you. For example, rewarding yourself with food. Where does that come from? I know I reward myself often when I have done something that deserves it like finishing a project, perhaps a successful book signing, or after having a disagreement with my husband or even – um – water aerobics. Ha! (I want chocolate donuts, big, creamy chocolate filled donuts.)

Mika Brzezinski

And speaking of successful book signings~
How can there be an unsuccessful book signing? I am proud to say I had my 2nd book signing at a place called LeVillage, a B&B in Eunice, Louisiana owned and operated by Felicia Wiggins. What an awesome place! In addition to two big ol’ guest houses, the old Chappelle Grocery Store sits on the property. That building was moved to its current location many years ago from a tiny community called Turkey Creek, about 20 miles up the road. Rustic and charming, it was the perfect site for the book signing/wine&cheese tasting/Market Preview. There were several vendors there with homemade jellies, pies, cakes, quilts, and antiques! It was a beautiful setting and I really enjoyed it. Below the link to LeVillage, see the pic taken that night of my buds and me . I’m the one on the far right. What a hoot!


I wrote a post in this blog in Oct, 2011 that included info about LeVillage. Here is a link to that one:

Keep praying for peace, ya’ll.


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