I’ve Been A Busy Girl

I thought it was time to show what I’ve been working on to add to my etsy shops (http://etsy.com/ToLoveAlways and http://etsy.com/nanaspocket)
I haven’t been as active on the sites as I should have been. It’s been such a busy summer. September is slipping up on me and suddenly I realize I need to get after it. I hope you enjoy the following photos of my work.
This is my Pray for World Peace rosary bracelet: DSCF6962
Rosary strung on Jeweler’s wire and hand wire wrapped rosaries:
DSCF6980 Black with John Paul II center connector
DSCF6972 Olive wood with copper color accents
creamy pearl finish with old gold accents
Camo bracelet – her best hunting accessory!
DSCF6937Car Rosaries DSCF6942DSCF6946DSCF6949

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