My Three Life Rules (#9)

My three life rules are only second in line to our Father’s rules for life. The rules I list below are my own personal life rules. I find that they cover just about every imaginable situation and are pretty reasonable. See what you think:

Rule 1. I never go upside down. If I am upside down, something is wrong. I am either falling, on a circus ride, or drunk. In fact, this rule did originate during a time in my life when I found myself upside down a lot. Going upside down is against the laws of nature for human beings. If you are upside down because you’ve fallen, get thee to a hospital. If you are upside down because you’re on a circus ride, get thee off because you will puke and loose all the change in your pockets and whatever you have stuffed in your bra. If you are upside down because you are drunk, slap thyself until you come to your senses. Being upside down is dangerous.

Rule 2. I never get high. This rule is pretty self-explanatory. By sticking to this rule, I am staving off skyscrapers, parachutes, and drugs. Not to mention cliffs. Believe me, I’ve been on the edge a lot. That’s why I have this rule.

Rule 3. I don’t go fast. Going too fast is also dangerous. If you are going too fast, you might miss something important. Like your son’s childhood. Or the sunrise. Or you might crash into the side of a tree. Maybe if you go too fast, you will end up going overboard. It’s a relatively adaptive rule.

A combination of any or all of these rules when broken is a sure recipe for a disastrous life. In effect, they mean keep it simple, get your head straight, and just slow down. Sometimes they can be hard lessons to learn, but all of the time they are worth learning. I’ve had lots of practice but I’m still working on keeping them my ultimate deciding factor in many ways. I find that they are logical and can potentially keep me out of trouble. Most of the time.

What about you? Have you given any thought to what your life rules might be? Come on, share them here. Let me hear from you. It’s never too late to learn!

Glory be to the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. amen.

Just a reminder, pray for peace.

One thought on “My Three Life Rules (#9)

  1. Boy I must be really weird or something. I don’t have a bucket list and still can’t figure out what I would put on it if I did have one. And now I don’t have life rules…

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