Sneaux Days and Cabin Fever


As I mentioned before, the southern part of the United States does not handle snow and ice well.

SNEAUX – (snow) ie; an uncommon phenomenon to the southern regions of North America. Def.: unique white frozen crystal precipitation falling from the sky at the most in-opportune time, wreaking havoc on the streets and in the lives of people more comfortable sweating in the outdoors rather than slipping on ice. A major cause of cabin fever, a condition identified by malaise, deep sighing, pulling out hair, and sleeping long hours.

a symptom of cabin fever

a symptom of cabin fever

I have spent an inordinate amount of time on the computer. I haven’t worn anything but my pjs for two days. What’s the point? Can’t go anywhere, no one can come here. Just take a shower and put on clean pjs.

On the other hand I have gotten a couple of projects done that have just been in the idea phase for a long time. I got my dear one to make the rolling pin towel rack (see previous post ). And I did another project yesterday. I made a roman shade from a mini-blind.

It was easy, I followed directions I found on and This is how it turned out:


I feel sorry for, and at the same time admire, people who live where snow is not uncommon. They know what to do, how to stock up, precautions to make, what tires to use, etc. My brothers are that way. They live in the mid-west and know exactly what to do. Alas, they are too far away to help me with cabin fever…. So Jesus, I’m depending on You!

will it ever go away?  miss my porch rockers

will it ever go away? miss my porch rockers

Somebody save me...

Somebody save me…

This ain't no picnic weather!

This ain’t no picnic weather!

definitely not used to this!

definitely not used to this!

2 thoughts on “Sneaux Days and Cabin Fever

  1. Wow you are having an “interesting” winter. But it is great you are finding things to entertain yourself. I remember the year we had a horrible snow storm (and at Christmas no less) and I could not get out of my apartment. I about went nuts so I know what you are dealing with – I am praying that your weather gets better ASAP!!! I will be interested in seeing what other projects you come up with to entertain yourself. I am impressed with the shade you made. That is awesome.

    Hang in there Spring is on its way. I feel so sorry for all of you in the south and the east coast it has been a horrible winter for you. And we have had a very strange on here – not much rain and no snow (which is fine by me but we need it for our water for the summer). But today we are suppose to get rain and the mountains are suppose to get a foot of snow so I hope that does happen at least in the mountains.

    Peace and love you!!!

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