Let’s talk about commercials for a minute….

armour of God

I can not be the only one who is appalled by the violent, sadistic, sexually exploitive commercials on TV these days. My hubs says they are all bad to him, but I concede there are some entertaining commercials, it’s just that the bad ones generally out weigh the good commercials.

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to be the one to say this but – what is this world coming to? Now, I’m not the sharpest pencil in the box but even I get embarrassed when an R rated commercial or movie trailer shows up between segments of my favorite TV shows. No warning, mind you, just appearing whether you want it or not. For heaven’s sake, my grandchildren could be watching, to say nothing about kids whose parents do not monitor what they watch. Nudity, sexuality, profanity, violence, killing. It’s all there for the open, fresh minds of our little ones.

Oh, and don’t forget access available to adults and children for those so-called Games. Anyone can get them, anyone can play them. The vast majority of which are predominately violent. Kill as many as you can. Be as gruesome as the controls allow. Let yourself become comfortable – no, jaded – by the blood-letting. Is there anything good about them except improving dexterity of the hands and fingers?

And they call it entertainment. Here’s a disclaimer for you: I don’t play games. I’m just not into it. Except xbox. I do play xbox when my baby grands come over. Usually bowling or racing. Nothing bloody, nobody dies. But since I don’t play the kind of games I’ve been talking about, not even on my beloved facebook, the opinion expressed here is my own. And I’m entitled to it so don’t be hating on me.

I do worry about the generations coming up. I know I sound like an old fogy but I feel like I have a valid point. Violence in the world is increased immeasurably. School shootings, mall shootings, kidnapping, rape, murder, home invasions. Oh. My. God. Could it have something to do with what is tattooed on our brains day in and day out by the media? Not only that, but look at the way we jam materialism down the throats of younger generations. We allow a message of ‘you aren’t any good unless you have the biggest house, the most clothes, the coolest whatever.‘ Every person has to have a phone. these days that is a given, and it is not a bad thing. But oh, not just a phone, the latest and best money can buy. Nobody looks you in the eye anymore. It’s the top of the head you’re looking at now. I’ve got a feeling future generations will have much longer thumbs.

And another thing…. We give our kids so much stuff. It seems they loose the value of things. They think they are having fun, but you know what I think? I think they become so distracted by all the toys, electronics, etc. at their beck and call, that they are just not able to focus on ONE thing at a time. Is that good or not so good? I don’t know. But I have seen some toddlers in a situation where there were so many toys and activities they ran from one to the other and couldn’t decide what to pick up next. (And everyone of those toys makes noise. LOTS of noise.) Concentration is affected.

I like electronics. I like progress and new things. I’m happy with how far mankind has come in terms of making our lives easier and more efficient. Really, I am. I am against the path society as a whole has taken in terms of what is acceptable in this day and age. I am against forcing negativity and violence on a vulnerable population. And I am against anything that will add to the currant explosion of ADHD and learning disabled kids, to say nothing of the message that killing, rape, etc is ok behavior.

Take a deep breath. This rant is over. Pray, people, pray.

I’ve Got My Roll On….

I’ve been having a ball adding more treasures to my new etsy shop!


Before I show you pictures, let me ask you something…..

Do you remember the Old Ladies from my first novel SECRETS OF THE OLD LADIES CLUB
What do you think would happen if those grand old dames got together to write a cook book?? You know, they may be best friends, but they are as different as night and day. I’m thinkin’ I’d love to write a recipe book using their recipes. Oh, when I think of the Secrets we would discover! Southern, Jewish, Cajun, and oh so much more! Mazel Tov! Ya’ll come back now, hear? Mon, cher` petit`!
Hey, could have a ‘novel’ approach….

Sassy ankle jewelry!  So cute!

Sassy ankle jewelry! So cute!

Spring time boot bracelet!

Spring time boot bracelet!

Yes, it's a boot bracelet

Yes, it’s a boot bracelet

Camouflage Bracelet - Her best hunting accessory!

Camouflage Bracelet – Her best hunting accessory!

Hand knit cherry quartz bangle bracelet

Hand knit cherry quartz bangle bracelet

Never goes out of style!

Never goes out of style!

Books and bracelets aren’t the most important things in the world. Prayers and Peace are. Get your roll on and please include prayers for peace.


Announcing my new ETSY shop!

I am happy to announce that I have opened a new etsy shop! I am in the process of stocking it with tons of hand made rosaries, car rosaries, jewelry, art, and (of course) my book, SECRETS OF THE OLD LADIES’ CLUB !
Check me out at https://www.etsy.com/shop/NanTubreDesigns

Each item is handmade by me, or authored by ~ um ~ me.


Somebody asked me where I found the time for all of this. No easy answer, that. Let me start by saying we old ladies ROCK! Set priorities, then go for it. 1. God 2. Family 3. Others 4. Self. Lucky for me, my passion to create serves all. I’m not one to toot my own horn, but I gotta tell ya, serving God first and everyone next, saving yourself for last gives more joy to everything you can do. I’m not always successful because I am rather selfish, a little self-centered, and prone to seek out the more comfortable avenues. But I do try. So if someone like me can try, so can anyone else.

I’m a person who has to get my art out there. I hope you like what you see. Oh, and if you order my book, please be a darling and leave a good review on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17397862-secrets-of-the-old-ladies-club?ac=1
If you like reading ebooks, you can order one on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Secrets-Old-Ladies-Club-Tubre-ebook/dp/B00BHDON3O/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1391975959&sr=8-1&keywords=secrets+of+the+old+ladies+club

May God bless us all, and please don’t forget to pray for peace.

Spiritually Overcoming Abuse

jesus and child

I intended to post the following yesterday but I had to sleep on it and pray about it to be sure I wanted to share it with the world. Plus, I don’t want to hurt anyone who has hurt me in the past. With healing comes forgiveness. Or maybe the other way around.

I don’t even know how to put into words the experience I had, or I should say, the truth revealed to me last night. I was at my weekly prayer meeting, a group of Catholic Charismatic ladies who get together to praise God and offer prayer intentions. And sometimes share a bottle of wine. Hey, we’re Catholic, what can I say?

ANYWAY, during the course of the evening we shared and prayed and meditated. I think we all had the same thing on our hearts because it seems the conversation drifted into the realm of our pasts and the pain of our childhoods. Isn’t it something how God brings people together who have so much in common? Not a coincidence, a God-incidence. There were only three of us last night but we still made a joyful noise unto the Lord, as the saying goes. When we got down to brass tacks, it was all about surviving abusive relationships and childhoods. One by one we shared things in our lives that were devastating. We cried for each other and prayed for each other. And we thanked God that He is a God of mercy and compassion. The more I thought about that, the more I began to recognize a truth that had evaded me for as long as I could remember. And with that truth came healing.

In terms of what we all have to suffer in life, I can’t say I know the reasons why we do. The world wide web is not the place to discuss some things so I’m not going there. But I will say this: God’s timing is not our timing but his timing is perfect. Recently, I saw a post on fb that said our bad memories need to be removed from our lives because they are toxic to ourselves physically and mentally. Personally, the suffering I have had to endure was bad in my eyes but compared to some, maybe not so much. Nevertheless, it was so complicated it had to be healed by layers. I can’t say I was always fully aware of each step into healing. All I knew was I had pain that was tattooed on my heart and soul and I wanted to be free of it. I wanted to be ‘normal’, whatever that was. As the healing progressed, I began to understand the reasoning behind why I felt ‘less than’, as well as defining and understanding my own behaviors that were destructive and self-deprecating, at the same time, inevitable; symptoms manifested by my pain.

A little at a time, the eyes of my heart have been opened to see the reasoning, if there is such a thing, behind why I suffered what I did. With each revelation came healing. Like an onion (I’m sure you’ve heard this before but it still rings true) peeling away layer by layer, so were the obstacles that kept me from the area in my life that most needed healing. And it was a s l o w process. Finally, just last night, I came to understand that I needn’t search for healing and the ability to rise above. It would come to me. God would see to it. Suddenly last night, as clear as a bell, I realized that God knows what He is doing. I had to wait until His time was right to complete the work He began in me. I discovered that the reason I wasn’t healed the first time I asked was because God knew I couldn’t deal with the reasons why what happened happened. I simply wasn’t ready. God knew when I would be and he tilled the soil and fertilized the field, and pulled the weeds until I was in the exact spot I needed to be, a place where I could accept hearing what happened, what made me the way I am.

I would have not been able to handle it otherwise. Premature enlightenment of the truth might have destroyed me. There could have been weak areas in me that couldn’t go there without more damage occurring.

God’s timing is perfect. I’m pretty sure I am a much stronger person with perhaps more insight and rebounding abilities. All thanks to God.

I don’t blame Him for the bad, bad experiences I have had. His gift to the human race is free will and it isn’t His fault that the choices of others have had a negative impact on my life. For that matter, some of my own choices have had negative impact on other’s lives. But God, in His mercy, has all the tools we need to become whole. His understanding and compassion are perfect, therefore He knows the exact time in which we will be able to accept our healing so that it will become totally complete.


Please pray for peace.