Exciting news!

Ok, I am just so tickled to announce I have a new blog in addition to this one! I hope to accomplish a couple of goals this year and one is to separate my writing from everything else I’ve been posting about. It ain’t easy, folks. I’ve been known to say I can’t keep up with myself. Maybe I found a solution to getting organized. Whether it helps or not I hope to establish a better platform for my “authorship”, at the same time sharing those other things I do that keep me sane. Of course that’s a matter of opinion ISN’T IT? Not to disparage anyone dealing with serious stuff, but don’t you think insanity can be fun?


So, drop over to my other blog, http://nantubreunlimited.wordpress.com/2014/03/18/4/ . I promise you I’ll try to keep you entertained and in the meantime, I will steadily blog along here. I’m developing ideas even as I write this and am looking forward to sharing them with you.

Life is good and there are no limits.

Keep your prayers going up, my friends. Take a look around. The whole world needs them.

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