Happy Father’s Day Mom

Happy Father’s day !

Nan Tubre Writes . . .

Have you ever thought about wishing Happy Father’s Day to the single mothers of the world, those legions of women who have to raise their children without a dad? Sure, it can be sad, but my hope is that the kids who have been raised by just their mom appreciate what she did for them.

I know how it is. I did it for 20 years. It is hard work. You single moms know what I mean. Especially when raising boys. To be mom and dad to boys is like living in an alternate universe.

When they are little, they think you hung the moon. They love you soo much. They believe everything you tell them and trust you with all their little hearts. They call you Mama but the way they say it puts a crown on your head and a superman cape on your back. You cook for…

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