I promise, I am NOT a prude!

Really, I’m not.  I am human just like everyone else.  I am (barely) past middle aged but I still have ‘those’ feelings.  I still have dreams and desires.  I’m not a prude and I can’t deny my past.   I have done my share of illicit behavior…and I have lived to regret it.  There is a war going on these days and I’m not talking about the one in the Middle East.  This war is in our homes and in our hearts.  It is in our schools, on TV, billboards, movie theaters, and social media of all sorts.  Let me tell you about it.  I call it Fifty Shades of Pornography

What has happened to us?  With every generation we seem to lose more in terms of morality.  We say what we want (I’m guilty too), we do what we want, we watch what we want and we do those things without any thought to the future as if we don’t have a God who sees us in our frailty and obnoxious conditions. Please don’t misunderstand me.  I’m not throwing judgment out there to condemn anyone.  That would be kind of foolish of me considering how I have behaved in the past.  I’ve been judged and it’s no fun.  The worst part is accepting that the offense in question just might have a ring of truth to it.  We are all pretty good at denying that our actions are not stellar.  In fact, we have convinced ourselves that what we do and the choices we make are nobody’s business but our own.  That may be so, but there is, and always will be, consequences to our actions whether they are good or bad.  It’s not as simple as if we do good, good things will happen or if we do bad, bad things will happen.  That’s just not realistic.  Bad things do happen to good people and vice versa.  No, the simplicity of it is more along the lines of integrity and morality.

art like morality

We are a society hell bent on proclaiming our individualism and freedom.  We think we are free to do anything we want and we want instant gratification.  We are unbelievably selfish.  I’m not preaching and trying to tell the masses that if you do this or that you will be condemned.  All I am saying is; look, each one of us has a decision to make.  Will your decision be one that will bring you honor or dishonor?  Will your actions cast a light over you that will make you appear less than a person with integrity?  How do your decisions make you feel about yourself?

Or are you making the decision to agree with the rest of the world and give in to the call of complacency and indulgence into a lifestyle that celebrates the ways of an ungodly world.

I’m sorry, it’s just to hedonistic for me.  I’ve learned my lesson.  I’ve decided not to subject myself to anything questionable.  By saying that, I’m not going to judge your choices. I know everybody has goodness within them.  I’m sure people are kind and thoughtful and loving. You can do what you want.  As for myself, I believe in a higher road. It took me a long time to get here so I’m not going to throw it away.  I am finally treating myself with integrity and honor.  Therefore, I choose not to partake in sponsoring anything that would compromise that decision.  I won’t watch movies that glorify a lack of morality (although I do LOVE romantic movies).  I don’t like dirty jokes.  I don’t like bad language which if you knew me, that would surprise you.  I admit I do have a few words in my language that are better left unsaid.  Hey, I am human but I’m not perfect.  I am trying to curb my habitual slip of the tongue.  I need a lot of practice in talking the talk while I’m walking the walk.

See, the bible tells us that we cannot serve both God and mammon, which, contrary to popular belief doesn’t mean Man, it means the world.  God is not of the world.  Yes, he made the world but he also gave those in the world free will, the will to choose what we are going to do.  You can choose, you have a God-given right.  Will you choose something that lifts you up and sets the bar high in terms of integrity and morality?  Or will you choose the path that takes you down and compromises your inherent goodness?  You ARE a child of the most high God.  You always have been, you always will be. You CAN choose a better way for yourself and in doing that, you will have the opportunity to set a good example for your children and even for those whom your life touches.  Don’t you want them to respect you?  Or do you want them to think it is ok to lust after immorality, to think they can give themselves to anyone that comes along in the name of freedom?  Will your children think it is ok to break God’s law?  Will they believe the messages they receive from the world are ok?

Take my advice.  Don’t compromise yourself.  You will never be sorry.

What is the Word today being shared at ALL Masses throughout the world?    Heb 13:1-8

Let brotherly love continue.
Do not neglect hospitality,
for through it some have unknowingly entertained angels.
Be mindful of prisoners as if sharing their imprisonment,
and of the ill-treated as of yourselves,
for you also are in the body.
Let marriage be honored among all
and the marriage bed be kept undefiled,
for God will judge the immoral and adulterers.
Let your life be free from love of money
but be content with what you have,
for he has said, I will never forsake you or abandon you.
Thus we may say with confidence:

The Lord is my helper,
and I will not be afraid.
What can anyone do to me

Remember your leaders who spoke the word of God to you.
Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

don’t forget to pray for peace, y’all!

9 thoughts on “I promise, I am NOT a prude!

  1. I appreciate your encouragement for people to walk a righteous path through life. Personally, I would choose that path even in this world with all its temptations for no other reason than because it is the right thing to do. I also have no difficulty seeing my children and my grandchildren making good, wholesome decisions in this world which offers as many bad choices as good ones.

    I think the world has always been like this – full of temptations. It is just that, in today’s connected world, we are much more aware of the many temptations and those who have succumbed to them – more so than at any other time in history. Nonetheless, I believe this is exactly how God meant our world be.

    God bless. – Mike

  2. Dang computers. I just wrote this nice piece and who knows what I said and the computer deleted the page.

    Okay I will try to remember what I said.

    Excellent article Nancy. And I agree with both you and Mike.

    Now I really can’t remember what I said. Not good. I know I am a year older but my mind should not have died that fast!!!

  3. After hearing the homily at church yesterday with a POWERFUL speaker. I realize that we need to speak up and say this is wrong. It is not judging it is stating a fact. The way we live and what we have allowed to be so easily accessible is not what God wants for us. It is what the devil wants for us. The more we fill our minds, hearts, and lives with this garbage the farther and farther we walk away from God. That is not judging that is a fact. There is a difference between judging and saying something is wrong. When we said this stuff is wrong we are saying or should be saying the action (NOT THE PERSON) is wrong. That is what I think God wants us to do. Is this easy HECK NO!!! Do I practice this NO!!! And I know part of the problem is because of fear. Example: the man behind me has anger issues and he is does a lot of yelling and using the f word. I have to listen to this way more than I want to. I have complained to the manager had to call the police twice. But I do not confront him because I am afraid of his anger. Because of my past I know if someone is angry like he gets someone will get hurt. So I pray for him and put him on a lot of prayer chains.

    I have tried to really pay attention when I rent a movie or check out or buy a book. I don’t want to bring garbage into my home. I don’t want the devil to have any thing that gives him access to me. I try to remember what I watch, hear, and read does filter in and becomes a part of me. And as a child of God I want to keep myself as innocent and filled with His life and love. Wish I could say I am 100% successful at this but unfortunately I am not. But I keep trying. Maybe some day!

    Hope that makes sense

      • Thanks for the prayers for my neighbor. HE NEEDS THEM!!!

        Oh I wish I did live according to the word. My comments were really how I wish I did lived my life… someday I hope I can say I am living the way I preach!!!

        Love you

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