What have I been doing, you ask?

There is more to me than meets the eye… not saying that’s always a good thing…but it has it’s advantages. I’ve shared some of my work outside of writing at the end of this post. I love my life.


I have renewed enthusiasm concerning my novel, Secrets of the Old Ladies’ Club. One lesson I learned early on about self-publishing is that it’s hard to get the book out there, especially if you cannot afford a marketing package. So you can imagine how excited I was to get a phone call from a group of ladies at the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism in Ville Platte bidding me to come for a cup of coffee. If you are not from Louisiana, let me tell you that when you are invited for coffee by anyone, it’s a sign – a good one. I was so excited about the coffee klatch, even having the tire on my brand new car go flat on the way didn’t discourage me, although I do admit to being nervous for arriving late. Nervous? Not much! I was a basket case. But come to find out, the people I met were awesome and equally as excited as I was. It appeared that my 15 minutes of fame was extended to an entire 16 minutes. They thought they had a celebrity in the house. Who, me? The one who stuttered and had sweaty palms? The one who worried for many an hour about choosing a suitable outfit from my vast array of jeans and tee shirts for this coffee/meeting? Yes, me.

Worrying is pointless and I must re-learn over and over that it accomplishes nothing. The coffee klatch was a success. It started out with me saying a few words about the characters in my book, then, to my relief, the room exploded into hilarity as, one by one, the ladies reported ways in which they identified with my characters. One story shared led to another, and another and before long, all of us were laughing, slapping our knees, and gasping for air until someone passed a box of tissues to mop up the dripping Niagra of tears while we caught our breath. We couldn’t help it. Old ladies are fun.

So to cap it off, I was asked to give a little talk during the Chamber of Tourism dinner, which I did last Wednesday. And to the October Chamber of Commerce dinner coming up. And someone asked me to speak to the Rotary Club. Add to that, the person in charge of ordering books for Evangeline parish (not county, c’mon, we live in Louisiana) informed me that she had ordered copies of my book for every library in the parish. I. am. surprised. And can’t believe how blessed I am. The author of this blog does not ‘do’ social activity well. I break out in hives, blank-outs, and nausea when I meet people I don’t know. Usually. The good news is when I talk about my book, I rarely have to finish a sentence before someone else in the group takes over and within moments everyone is talking and laughing at the same time. That’s what makes it easy. I start, someone else finishes. I just sit back with a smile on my face, nod my head, and have a good time.

Truthfully, I don’t know how it happened that I have gone from 15 minutes of fame to at least 19 minutes now. I just started with some crazy old lady busting out of my head to get her story on paper. Or something like that anyway. If you have ever written a story, you know that the characters come to life in a unique and delightful way. Once you write about them, they move in. They don’t leave. It’s wonderful.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch….

In an earlier post I’ve mentioned that I have a habit of going through what my husband and step-son call ‘phases’, meaning I go off on a tangent with one of my many hobbies until I have come completely undone. It’s fun. To my husband’s surprise, or perhaps disdain, I rather like it.

My latest burst of energy produced some pretty positive results. Here are a few pictures:


A bold statement-of-faith necklace and a St. Theresa Chaplet prayer beads.


A one-decade rosary with a locket crucifix, a one decade world peace rosary with a “drop of His blood”

These are listed in my etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ToLoveAlways


And some five decade tee-tiny little rosaries made for baby’s baptism, or keep one close beside you in your pocket, or give it as the perfect original shower gift.

And these little darlings are not yet listed, but soon…

Oh, and don’t forget to pray for peace, ya’ll. God answers prayers. We wait for His time, but continue our vigil of prayer.


Warning: Another totally self-centered blog post!

The coolest thing happened when I was in town yesterday. I went to FedEx (formerly Kinkos) to have some posters made of the book cover of my recently released novel, Secrets of the Old Ladies’ Club. I approached the salesperson and made my request which he promptly rejected. This very professional man informed me that he would be unable to copy the book cover because of copyright laws, to which I replied: “It’s my book.”
Him: Yes, it is your book but I can’t copy the cover unless you wrote the book.
Me: I did.
Him: You wrote the book?
Me: Yes, I did.
Him (annoyed): Then you won’t mind showing me some ID please. (looking like the cat that ate the canary)
Me (pleased): Will my driver’s license do?
Him (deflated and annoyed) Ummm. Ok. (examining my license closely) I have a form for you to sign allowing me to make a copy.
A woman was standing next to me at the counter listening to all of this. After the posters were printed, she asked to see them and, whooo boy, she got all excited and ordered a book on the spot!


I am so humbled when God puts blessings like this one in my life. Who deserves such love and mercy? It amazes me. You know, a person doesn’t really have to look far to see the blessings God plants. Of course, to me, the incident at FedEx was a huge one, but it was only one of many blessings delivered my way yesterday. First of all, (you know the saying) I woke up! I had the means to make a meal, a home to clean up, animals to care for, a loving husband’s attention. Then there was a tank of gas to drive 50 miles to town on, a good report at the doctor’s office, and so forth. Then for Him to throw in the bonus blessing of affirmation like He did at FedEx?? All I can say is WoW. Thank You Lord!

Yesterday was a pretty big day for me because I also made personal preparations for my two upcoming book signings. By personal, I mean I bought a new outfit and the cutest dang sandals you’d ever want to see. I went a little against my usual casual t-shirt and jeans look, and went for a da-a-arling white crinkle-ly embroidered long skirt. So feminine! I bought a turquoise blue fishnet top to wear with it, and I thought they would be perfect together until I went to hang them up in the closet at home. There, I spotted the lacey looking pink sweater I wore for the Author’s Picture on my book cover. It MUST be the one to wear with the white skirt! At least for the evening book signing on May 10th. It will be at LeVillage in Eunice, Louisiana at 6pm. in combination with Felicia Wiggins’ Market Preview/Wine&Cheese get together. She is a darling for hosting me at the “Meet the Author/ Book signing”. See her fb page here: https://www.facebook.com/#!/levillageguesthouse?fref=ts

The turquoise top will not miss it’s fifteen minutes of fame. I’ll wear that with a tank top and white capris for the first book signing at Somethin’Snazzy in Alexandria, La. on May 7th from 4-6pm. My host is the owner of Somethin’Snazzy, Lisa Holt. See her website here: http://www.somethinsnazzy.com/

To add a little icing on the cake, I found THE cutest pair of sandals that will suit both outfits!


Ok, so why care what you wear? Well, I’ve done the easy part – writing the book. The hard part is me dealing with the public on a personal level. It’s not about who comes and who doesn’t. It’s not about who likes the book or who doesn’t. It’s not about selling the book either. It’s about putting myself out there. I’ve never been a good salesperson, especially when it comes to selling myself. (hey, now.) Call it a lack of confidence, self-esteem, whatever. It is what it is, and it is deep-seated. I seem to come undone when I’m involved with people and noise. It’s really odd because I’ve done some public speaking/teaching and, after I’ve gone outside to vomit first, I rather enjoy it. When I was teaching watercolor workshops, I LOVED seeing student’s eyes light up as they developed their painting into a thing of beauty. When I was given the privilege of delivering a eulogy for someone I cared deeply about, my voice shook a little at first, but then I was able to convey, with passion, how beautifully his life impacted so many people.

If I can do that, I’ll manage at my own book signing!


Hot dang, I’m so excited about my new favorite thing!  I call them Boot Bracelets.  Really.  They are jewelry for your boots.  It doesn’t matter what kind, just BOOTS.  Short or tall.  Cowboy or heels.  It’ll make ya feel like a Wo-man!  I even ordered a pair of boots just to be able to wear one.  Last weekend I made a nice handful of them and by Sunday I had already sold two of them!  But that’s beside the point.  The point is: anything a girl/lady/woman/female does for herself to add a little sparkle and feel gorgeous is a great idea.  We women are beautiful.  In fact, (I’m sure you already know this) all God’s creatures are beautiful in their own way which is the way God designed it.  We should celebrate that.  Yes, we should!  I’m not talking about vanity.  I’m talkin’ ’bout attitude.  When a person does that little something extra for themself,  self-confidence and self-assurance seem to grow exponentially.

So let’s hear if for the ladies!!  Decorate yourself!

Now for some eye-candy….






Do you like them?  Please drop a line and let me know.  I’ve got about a million gazillion ideas in my head for making them!


That’s what Pete says about our newest granddaughter –  Don’t mess wit’ da Kylie!  She sure is something special.  No doubt she is well loved!  With all of our other grandchildren, who knew there could be that much love in the world??  All you grandparents out there, you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout.  We had 2 of our grands over the weekend.  It was super-energy all the way.  The oldest wasn’t here but I hope to spend time with this week before school starts.


So last night was the first time baby Kylie spent the night with us.  It was more than fun.  Her new name is ‘cuddlebug’ because she loves to cuddle.  One can learn a lot from a baby.  Showing her love is the first lesson.  The second: just don’t listen when someone thinks you can’t do something – keep trying.  Kylie is quite good at the yoga pose ‘downward dog’ – that’s the one that looks ridiculously funny – both hands and feet flat on the floor, butt in the air.  We didn’t think she could get around with that little half-crawl she has.  But she can use the ‘downward dog’ to get where she wants to go!  She keeps trying.  She’ll get there.


The third lesson: make pretty eyes and your grandparents will do anything for you. True dat. Fourth and perhaps her grandfather’s favorite:  Strange noises coming from your diaper will make anyone laugh.  Needs no further explaination…..


And that’s what she thinks about that!

Ok, so my hobbies are kind of getting out of hand.  If anybody doesn’t think so, take a look at my work space:


Gotta have bling and that’s the way I roll.  It’s organized chaos.  I wish I could say I knew where every little thing is, but sadly I don’t.  I do, however, love to explore if you know what I mean.  Want to see what I’ve been working on?


Amethyst, Peridot, and Citrine Bangle BraceletImage

What every girl hunter needs – accessories!  Camo bracelet


sweet delicate pearl finish bracelet – looks like a bride


Amethyst St. Michael St. Benedict Car Rosary


Turquoise/gold crackle  Car Rosary

visit my etsy shops:



and be sure to use the coupon code BLOGFAN1  for a 15% discount when you check out!

Blessings to you!