I’ve Got My Roll On….

I’ve been having a ball adding more treasures to my new etsy shop!


Before I show you pictures, let me ask you something…..

Do you remember the Old Ladies from my first novel SECRETS OF THE OLD LADIES CLUB
What do you think would happen if those grand old dames got together to write a cook book?? You know, they may be best friends, but they are as different as night and day. I’m thinkin’ I’d love to write a recipe book using their recipes. Oh, when I think of the Secrets we would discover! Southern, Jewish, Cajun, and oh so much more! Mazel Tov! Ya’ll come back now, hear? Mon, cher` petit`!
Hey, could have a ‘novel’ approach….

Sassy ankle jewelry!  So cute!

Sassy ankle jewelry! So cute!

Spring time boot bracelet!

Spring time boot bracelet!

Yes, it's a boot bracelet

Yes, it’s a boot bracelet

Camouflage Bracelet - Her best hunting accessory!

Camouflage Bracelet – Her best hunting accessory!

Hand knit cherry quartz bangle bracelet

Hand knit cherry quartz bangle bracelet

Never goes out of style!

Never goes out of style!

Books and bracelets aren’t the most important things in the world. Prayers and Peace are. Get your roll on and please include prayers for peace.



Hot dang, I’m so excited about my new favorite thing!  I call them Boot Bracelets.  Really.  They are jewelry for your boots.  It doesn’t matter what kind, just BOOTS.  Short or tall.  Cowboy or heels.  It’ll make ya feel like a Wo-man!  I even ordered a pair of boots just to be able to wear one.  Last weekend I made a nice handful of them and by Sunday I had already sold two of them!  But that’s beside the point.  The point is: anything a girl/lady/woman/female does for herself to add a little sparkle and feel gorgeous is a great idea.  We women are beautiful.  In fact, (I’m sure you already know this) all God’s creatures are beautiful in their own way which is the way God designed it.  We should celebrate that.  Yes, we should!  I’m not talking about vanity.  I’m talkin’ ’bout attitude.  When a person does that little something extra for themself,  self-confidence and self-assurance seem to grow exponentially.

So let’s hear if for the ladies!!  Decorate yourself!

Now for some eye-candy….






Do you like them?  Please drop a line and let me know.  I’ve got about a million gazillion ideas in my head for making them!