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I thought I would re-post the following from over a year ago.  I’ve got a new post rolling around in my head but everything is still jumbled up from my recent craniotomy so I shall have to let a bit more time pass before I can put two sentences together in a reasonably cohesive way.  Oh, but when I come back!  Wait for it!

enjoy, and please pray for peace in the world.  Don’t forget!




 I love when I wake up in the morning and my first thought is of God and His mercy. It is a very sweet time, in depth, and endearing. It is a moment of love shared, time that I cherish. When I have the presence of mind, I ask forgiveness for my sins. Invariably I run through the list of whatever I feel needs forgiving. Seldom do I have the presence of mind to ask who I need to forgive, although He has brought to my mind a person or two whose injurious actions I have been stubborn about letting go. That part brings me to my knees. Gentle chastisement, I call it. He is famous for that which is sometimes a puzzlement to me. But after all, who am I to think that whether or not I forgive someone who hurt me is such a big deal. Well…He does. But that’s another story.

This morning I woke up with our good God on my mind. Praises on my lips quickly changed to apologies for my many sins. My mind’s eye centered on a time in my life when my behavior was less than acceptable, a time when I was troubled and desperate to find love and acceptance. My heart became heavy and sad due to the grievances of my soul. The familiar feeling of shame settled in and I began my litany of sins reaching far into the past and dredging them up to the present. Then my heart heard the Lord speak. He said something like this:

“Why do you ask forgiveness for the same sins over and over? It’s done. I have forgiven you. Besides, I don’t usually condemn people whose sins are psychologically motivated. You behaved that way for reasons you didn’t know or understand. Now that you do, be free. Let it go. You are forgiven.

Now let’s talk about the present. Tell me why you …..”

And on it went. I want to let you know that a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders this morning. I’ve been barking up the wrong tree for so long. Once I realized that I continued to claim and own my sins of the past, I could accept forgiveness for them. I can’t say I will forget my sinful behavior. That would be wrong because, you see, what I did makes me who I am today. And lucky for me, God took the opportunity to make me a better person. And for that I will be eternally grateful. I am blessed that God can take something bad and use it for the good! How great is that?!

So, good-bye past. Hello freshly forgiven soul. Have a seat and let’s you and me get busy praising our majestic God. He is merciful, and beautiful, and ultimately knows us in the most intimate way. Seek Him with your heart, not your stupid logic. Know that when you confess, He forgives.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. Count your blessings and most of all, pray for peace.


Time To Let Stress Rest!!


The world seems like it is upside down. Please pray for peace and the strength to overcome this culture of fear and death. Please pray for the world to be baptised into joy!

Hope these pictures make you smile!

I have been contacted by Cynthia Decker who gently informed me that I used her image without permission.  Please note the image of the birds on wire is apparently her image and is titled “Show off”.   Thank you Cynthia, for kindly allowing me to use your image!

Grandma was herebook characterlittle girl hannahDSCF6606birdssome pups 031worksbyfaithjesus and childarmour of Godmother theresa


Arts & Healthcare, Inc. will be sponsoring a Paint Pink Art Exhibit to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. During the month of October all art in the galleries at both St. Francis Cabrini Hospital and Rapides Regional Medical Center of Alexandria, Louisiana will be part of this Paint Pink Exhibit.

And I am tickled pink (sorry – couldn’t help it ;-D) to exhibit two pieces of art for this worthy cause.  Proceeds from the sales of all art on display will benefit the Arts & Healthcare program.


















This work of art is crafted to symbolize the Tree of Life

rooted in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

It features diverse materials to depict

the differences of mankind. 

Added to it are symbols including the Star of David,

the Holy Spirit, the Madonna, and the Cross. 

Finally, “a drop of His blood”

representing the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ.


Jasper, adventurine, citrine, pink quartz, turquoise, glass,

Swarovski crystal,

silver plated wire and charm, gold plated wire and charm,

bronze wire and charm, copper wire


by Nancy Tubre. 

For the

Breast Cancer Awareness Exhibit

October 2012



An original watercolor by Nancy Tubre

You’ll have to picture this one matted in two shades of blue and framed in white.  I couldn’t get a good picture of it without the glazing picking up all kinds of images in the background.  I’m not that good of a housekeeper and I’d like that to remain a secret!

So, I hope everyone goes to the exhibits and buys some beautiful work from many different artists to help bring awareness to the cause of breast cancer awareness.

Blessings to you all.

Please don’t forget to pray for peace.