Waaay down here in the south we don’t know what to do when it snows. Some businesses don’t open, schools stay closed, shopping is done ahead of the of the inclimate weather. All that because southerners typically don’t know how to drive on ice or snow. It is fairly foreign to us. The novelty of it wears off in a couple of hours after the white stuff blankets our still green grass and blooming sasanquas. I have to admit it is a pretty sight, but trust me, after a couple of days being stuck in the house, I’m ready for a few degrees of warmth outside. I’m one of those chickens who prefers to stay inside rather than brave a wind that bites. “I’d druther” a more gentle sweet smelling breeze and the warmth of a southern sun.


So, what to do while I’m stuck in the house? Well, I had a mind to get into making rosaries. I’ve been slacking off lately and need to catch up. But, guess what? I don’t have enough wire on hand to do much with. It stinks, because I’m NOT going to town. I had to come up with a new plan.

I decided to put together all the components to make rosaries, store them in the appropriate color organza bag until I can renew my wire stash to finish them. I’ll be ready.

So far I have put together kits for 12 rosaries, 18 car rosaries, and 8 baby baptism rosaries!

ready and waitin'

ready and waitin’

I’m tickled to pieces to get all organized and such. I was able to use some of my new components, some beautiful pieces I picked up in south Louisiana.

It is supposed to be in the 50’s. I can’t wait.




Beautiful chunky fresh water pearls make this a very substantial rosary.  They feel good in the hand without being too weighty.  Each pearl is different and unusual.  In fact, they are quite irregular; dare I say imperfect?  But that is the point, actually.  This rosary mirrors how each of us are within.  We have all kinds of bumps and flaws in our personality, but there is also beauty characterized by the sheen and glow of a pearl formed from nothing more than a grain of sand, layer by layer.
Hand wrapped links of gold tone 22 gauge wire are utilized for security.  The center bead is wire wrapped, as are the Pater beads.  The 1.5″ open-work crucifix is gold tone as well.  Overall length is 29″.

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And don’t forget to pray for peace.